New Bill Would Require FDA To Regulate Cosmetics

Cosmetic regulations haven’t really been accounted for since 1938, so I’d say it’s about time that it’s gotten an update. Senators Dianne Feinstein and Susan Collins introduced a new bill that would require the FDA to regulate cosmetics and personal care products; specifically, it would give the FDA the power to recall products that they think are dangerous or require warning labels. Feinstein said in a statement, "From shampoo to lotion, the use of personal care products is widespread, however, there are very few protections in place to ensure their safety."

As of now, it’s not a legal requirement for cosmetic companies to inform their consumers of any negative or potentially harmful health effects their products may have. The FDA can only ask companies to voluntarily disclose that information. So while this new legislation might sound like a small change, I'd say it's a great start from what it currently is.

The FDA may not seem too authoritative in terms of demanding transparency, but they now have the green light to further study the safety of the following five chemicals: propylparaben, methylene glycol, two preservatives that release formaldehyde, and lead acetate. The power to demand for transparency has instead been given to consumers. If a consumer complains about any negative effects that certain products have created, companies are required to list out all the life-threatening effects within the next 15 days.

Environmental Working Group’s vice president of the government affairs, Scott Gaber says, “This bill is the best hope for meaningful cosmetics regulation in many years,” and I couldn’t agree more. I look forward to seeing where this bill will take the cosmetics industry in the future.


Image: Getty