5 'Empire' Spinoffs That Need To Happen, Because There's More To This Series Than The Lyon Family

This past winter, Fox's Empire introduced us to the Lyon family, who run the music conglomerate Empire Entertainment — as well as a whole bunch of other characters. And often when a show is so wildly popular, networks start looking at ways to give minor characters their own shows and cash in further on the original's success. Whether or not that's something that Fox is looking to do, it's something I'd love to see, so I decided to come up with some potential Empire spinoff shows. Because while I love the Lyons, there are also so many other characters on the show I want to see even more of.

The word "spinoff" isn't one that's usually greeted with glee, but spinoff series from hit shows actually have a pretty decent track record of success. Grey's Anatomy spinoff Private Practice ran on ABC for six seasons, and The Flash, an Arrow spinoff, is currently a huge hit on The CW. Then, there have been some not-so-successful spinoffs — Joey wasn't nearly as popular as Friends and only lasted two seasons.

But I think Empire spinoffs could fare much better than that. It has so many engaging minor characters who could definitely light up the small screen if given the chance. Here are five potential series that could create their own TV empires.

Becky & Porsha Rule The Office

Becky Williams (played Gabourey Sidibe) and Porsha Taylor (Ta'Rhonda Jones) spend the first season as Lucious Lyon and Cookie Lyon's assistants, respectively. And now with the news this week that Jones and Sidibe have been bumped up to series regulars, this means these loyal ladies will have more to do in Season 2.

But a spinoff involving Becky and Porsha could take them on various adventures in the Empire world. After all, Becky's head of A&R now (as per Jamal). The duo could go check out new awesome and zany artists and acts — maybe even a boy band or two. And you know how much Becky loves all-access passes.


Pop star Tiana Brown (Serayah McNeill) kind of disappeared midway through the season, but here's an idea — give the pop sensation her own show, following her career on the rise. McNeill told Bustle that Tiana is based on strong women in music like Beyonce and Rihanna, which should be enough cause for a spinoff. It could follow Tiana as she navigates her fame, tours, and occasional sexism. But she can handle it — and herself.

Malcolm In The White House

Lucious (Terrance Howard) had Head of Security Malcolm DeVeaux (Derek Luke) sent away after he had learned that Malcolm and Cookie (Taraji P. Henson) engaged in some, well, nookie. Malcolm took a job offer in Washington, DC — but what if that lucrative job was for the White House? Let's just say it was.

Malcolm's new series could follow him as he works for the fictional president's security detail and deals with threats to the commander-in-chief — and his own life — along the way. Because it seems like Lucious is the type to hold a grudge.

Camilla By Design

Despite Lucious paying Camilla (Naomi Campbell) to leave his son Hakeem (Bryshere Gray), Campbell hinted in an interview with Extra that Camilla may be back in Season 2. So far on Empire, viewers have only seen Camilla in context of her relationship with Hakeem, but what about the rest of her life?

A Camilla series could follow her as she builds a brand, faces off with other fashion designers, deals with New York Fashion Week Drama, and figuring out today's slang (see above).

Elle Davis On The Road

Cookie revived Empire Entertainment rocker Elle Davis' (Courtney Love) career, so now it's time to spin it off and take it on the road — including all of her baggage. Elle will struggle to stay clean and sober as she gets pressure from her label to make this comeback tour a success. It also doesn't help that a young Taylor Swift-type is stealing her thunder in some of the same cities. But Elle will eventually emerge victorious, because she's strong and has Cookie in her corner.

These fantasy spinoffs are just that for now — fantasies. But maybe one day there will be more than one Empire to rule TV.

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