Stanley Tucci Joins 'Beauty And The Beast' As An Original Character & There Could Be More New Characters To Come

If you've seen him in everything from The Lovely Bones to Easy A, then you're probably just as excited as I am that Stanley Tucci is joining the cast of Beauty and the Beast. And he's not the only new actor that has signed up in the past day. However, while Ewan McGregory has joined the Beauty and the Beast cast as the beloved Lumiere, Tucci is slated to play an original character that wasn't seen either in the source fairy tale or in the Disney movie. According to Variety, Tucci will play "Cadenza the grand piano, a new character to the realm who is described as a neurotic maestro." I think it's just an excuse to have Tucci involved, personally, but I'm not going to deny all the potential.

It seems that, now that Beauty and the Beast has gotten basically every A-Lister attached to play the familiar characters we already know and love, they're reeling as many great names as they can — even if they have to make up characters for them to play. And I am A-OK with that. While the original Disney movie is a classic, and I'm sure there are many who wouldn't change a thing, I think the live-action adaptation can only be improved by adding some more new characters. In fact, I have ideas for some new faces I'd love to see.

Belle's Sisters

I know part of the whole characterization of Belle is that she's a misfit who doesn't feel truly at home in her village and everything, but that doesn't mean she can't have sisters. In the original fairy tale, she was the youngest daughter, but the Disney film turned her into an only child — likely so as not to juggle more people trying to get her back from the Beast. Can we bring at least one of Belle's sisters back for the live-action film? They don't even have to get along!

A Friend In The Village

Again, this went with Belle's whole misfit persona, but even the most ill-fitting misfit still has at least one friend to keep them sane. Belle can be friends with her books and have a friend in the village — preferably a female friend, since we need to see more positive female relationships in media these days. They could talk about books together. Her friend could help take care of her father while she is at the Beast's Castle. The possibilities are endless here.

Siblings For Gaston

I have a running theory that Gaston is the way he is because he's either the older brother of a bunch of hero-worshipping siblings who think he's the bee's knees or the younger brother of a bunch of even more arrogant siblings who are constantly pushing him around. Either way, he's a fairly one-dimensional character who could use some fleshing out by delving into his backstory a little with a family of some kind.

More Servants

This seems like the easiest option, and I'm certainly not going to complain. The Disney film only had a handful of them as the major characters, but the live-action film can certainly squeeze in a lot more just for the sheer fact of, well, why not? Cadenza is only the beginning. I want every suit of armor, every cup, every plate, every wardrobe to have a name and an A-List voice. Make this happen, Disney!

Image: Disney; beautyandthebeastdaily/Tumblr (4)