13 'Alice In Wonderland' Inspired Fashions And Accessories To Fall Down The Rabbit Hole With

Do you still love Alice in Wonderland? Do you still love Alice in Wonderland inspired fashion? It seems many people still can't get enough of Alice's adventures, including Robert Douglas-Fairhurst who recently released his new novel: The Story of Alice . We humans simply find deciphering Alice in Wonderland theories and delving into the history behind the story far too captivating. And it's no wonder why, really!

It's not just the realms of literature and publishing that Alice is still influencing to this day, either. Fashion house Hermès showed their Wanderland Exhibition at the Saatchi Gallery in London this month, which was obviously influenced by the iconic, young adventurer.

So I thought it only fitting to pay homage to one of our most beloved heroines and show you how to dress like Alice — because summer is on the way and you're sure to have many a tea party to attend!

Image: Disney

The Blue Dress

Chi Chi London Petite Laser Cut Prom Dress with Full Skirt, $109,

The Dainty White Socks

Emilio Cavallini Vertical Dots Ankle Socks, $15,

The Hairband

Jonny Loves Rosie Bow Headband, $18,

The Rabbit Earrings

Bill Skinner Rabbit Pearl Earrings, $100,

The Chesire Cat Leggings

Chesire Cat Leggings, $42,

The Mary Jane Shoes

New Look Kap Mary Jane Toe Cap Flat Shoes, $24,

The Charm Bracelet

Alice in Wonderland Jewellery Bracelet, $26,

The Pocket Watch Pendant

Alice in Wonderland Steampunk Pocket Watch Necklace, $20,

The Teacup Necklace

Alice in Wonderland Blue Floral Teacup Necklace, $18,

The Temporary Tattoo

Alice in Wonderland Temporary Tattoo, $3,

The "Eat Me" Ring

Alice In Wonderland “Eat Me” Ring, $14,

The Mad Hatter's Top Hat

Mad Hatter Top Hat, $69,

The Flamingo Pin

Pink Flamingo Hand Painted Kitsch Pin, $6,