How Your Workout Schedule Affects Your Sex Life

Beyond your physical and mental health, one of the best side-effects of the gym is how it helps you in the bedroom. We all know that regular exercise benefits your sex life in about a million different ways. Endorphins, more body confidence, stamina— you name it and exercise can improve it. In fact, regular exercise and keeping fit is one of the best ways to help you orgasm, and who needs more reason than that? Although I really wish a romp in the hay was all the cardio I needed, most of us have to work at cramming exercise into already packed schedules. Luckily there's an ever-expanding list of exercise options available to you.

Spin, pilates, yoga, rave, you can pick your poison or even sneak in some exercise at the office. But all this running around is likely to tire you out and like it or not, whether you squeeze in a quick lunch time spin class or rise with the sun to get sweaty before work, when you exercise can affect when you get lucky. Not sure where you fall or looking for a way out of a schedule rut? Here's a look at how your exercise schedule shapes your sex life:

Early Riser

The Early Riser likes to start the day off, you guessed it, early. Fitting in exercise first thing in the morning is a great way to kick off your day with a lot of endorphins, plus you don't have your workout looming over your head all day. This means your evenings are totally free for all the romping you want, though with those early mornings you'll probably be avoiding a three-hour sex marathon. It doesn't have to just be at night though— morning sex is not only the best way to gently transition out of sleepiness into the day, sex can also improve your morning run. You're already getting up at the crack of dawn, try setting the alarm clock a tiny bit earlier for a pre-excercise quickie.

The Commuter

Running or cycling, the Commuter fits in their workout on the way to/from work. Which is amazing— but you have to be organized. Carrying a backpack full of clean clothes and taking a wet-wipe shower in the office bathroom isn't for everyone, but those who can plan ahead and get it done will have a lot of extra time on their hands. By combining workout and travel the Commuter maximizes their free time, which obviously means more sex time. Morning, night, shower, couch, Chipotle bathroom— you name it, the Commuter can try it. (Bonus tip: If you're really into multitasking maybe chase the elusive coregasm, an exercise induced orgasm!)

Lunch Time Warrior

Similar to The Commuter, the Lunch Time Warrior is all about conserving time. Lots of busy people find squeezing in a quick jog or exercise class at work to be efficient. Although I'm always impressed by those Type A power women fitting in the latest hot-underwater-spin-trampoline-bootcamp during their lunch break, it's easy to translate that same scheduling and time-crunching to the bedroom. If you find you've gotten a little lost in over-planning, loosen control a little bit and be spontaneous! And take your time. Your sex life will thank you.

Night Owl

You may have seen them heading out for a jog at 11 p.m., or on their way home from yoga when you're coming back from a night out, those Night Owl finds like to fit in the exercise right before bed time. It's a great way for some people to mentally wind-down and get ready for sleep, but you don't want to miss out on classic pre-bed sex time. Yes, mornings are open wide open for sex, but who says you have to wait? If you're one of those lucky ones who feel extra-sexy after they've worked up a sweat, great! Go get down and dirty. If it's not your thing maybe have your partner join you for a cool down shower before heating things up again?

Images: Flickr; Giphy