The Best Fashion & Beauty #EarthDay Tweets

If you're befuddled by the number of eco-conscious tweets fluttering about Twitter today, suspend your surprise: it's Earth Day, and accordingly, social media users are rallying to drum up support for a number of planet-coddling endeavors. The result is an impressive uptick in the number of tweets regarding strategies for saving the earth instead of dismantling it.

It is quite possible Mother Earth hasn't received this much attention in one 24-hour stretch since, well, last Earth Day. However, the outpouring of affection and support for nature is admirable, and the fashion world is no exception. Beauty companies are offering statistics on the green practices of their operations, celebrities are sharing their tips for going green and encouraging their followers to join in the effort, and clothing manufacturers are offering their sincerest efforts to produce wares with a smaller carbon footprint.

On the other side of the spectrum lie those who seem content to point fingers about the source of environmental degradation, and a handful of users who seem to have combined April Fools' Day with Earth Day to produce farcical tweets about celebrating earth day by utilizing their hairdryers for an extra 20 minutes or sporting fur just to spite PETA. Whatever your stance on Earth Day may be, take a moment to scroll through the best fashion and beauty #EarthDay tweets, and remember: you're saving paper by not printing this article.

1. The Apocalyptic Shopping Tweet

It wouldn't be earth day if there weren't a certain amount of blame thrown about for the damage to earth's eco-systems. However, I couldn't help but stifle a laugh at The Daily Edge's biting remarks. If shopping is the issue, perhaps the Kardashians should be the target of accusation instead of the Republican party.

2. The Vintage Fashion Bid Tweet

Any excuse to purchase vintage apparel is a good one, in my book — especially where Mother Earth is concerned.

3. The Ever-So-Subtle Eco Beauty Tweet

The EcoTools company does its part in assisting the environment, so I'll let the somewhat self-serving nature of their tweet slide.

4. Nordstrom

This statistic makes snapping up a pricy sweater at the Half-Yearly Sale feel like a very good thing indeed.

5. The Facial Massage Tweet

Celebrate Earth Day by giving your face a well-deserved massage. If you take care of yourself, you'll be better equipped to take care of your planet.

6. Beach

The eternally environmentally-conscious Stella McCartney fittingly transformed her Tumblr account into an ode to the earth this year.

7. Gisele Bundchen's Celebration Of Beauty

In what could easily be dubbed a narcissistic and vanity-driven act, Gisele superimposed her own image atop a photo of the rain forest, reminding the world that there is no beauty without Gisele.

8. Bergdorf Goodman

In spite of a multi-story collection of the world's finest couture, Bergdorf Goodman altruistically turned its attention outwards towards the beauty of the natural world in celebration of Earth Day.

9. Saks Fifth Avenue

Saks Fifth Avenue's Twitter account placed its heart on its sleeve by tweeting out an image of a felt heart atop a grassy lawn for Earth Day.

10. Jaime King's Eco Advice

Self-professed eco-beauty devotee Jaime King encouraged followers to indulge in water this earth day.