11 Times Bethenny Frankel & Cookie Showed The World That Dogs Make Great BFFs — PHOTOS

With all of the drama she has to endure on Real Housewives of New York City , it's got to be hard for Bethenny Frankel to know who her true friends are. The alliances on the show are constantly changing, so it's a lot to keep up with. Thank god, Frankel has one lady who is always by her side. Don't bother wracking your brain thinking of Real Housewives cast members because the BFF I'm referring to is Bethenny Frankel's dog Cookie. Cookie has been there for Bethenny Frankel since the very beginning of her reality television journey and has proven that a dog can really be a woman's best friend.

Reuniting & Cuddling

Frankel was elated to have Cookie in her arms after some time away from her bestie. She captioned this photo: “I missed my furry baby. So happy to be home :)”

Image: bethennyfrankel/Instagram

Serving As A Testimonial

Cookie is such a good pet that she posed for an Instagram testimonial for Frankel’s Book I Suck at Relationships So You Don’t Have To. Frankel said that Cookie read it and “snagged herself a German Shepherd.”

Image: bethennyfrankel/Instagram

Grilling & Chilling

Frankel cannot get her grill on without her girl Cookie by her side. I’m not sure how helpful the pup was, but I’m sure she at least provided moral support.

Image: bethennyfrankel/Instagram

Doing Yoga

Adding Cookie into her yoga routine, adds some new meaning to the yoga position “downward dog.” The BFFs who exercise together, stay together.

Image: bethennyfrankel/Instagram


Cookie looked super festive and adorable supporting Frankel at her birthday party. Real best friends are willing to look a little silly in favor of fun and celebration and this is another reason why the Real Housewife is lucky to have Cookie around.

Image: bethennyfrankel/Instagram


The entrepreneur look so comfortable getting her nap on with her dog. Having Cookie has a pet means they can have BFF sleepovers every night if they want to.

Image: bethennyfrankel/Instagram

Supporting The Book Tour

Frankel holds Cookie on her lap in the car on the way to a promotional appearance. Cute!

Image: bethennyfrankel/Instagram

Signing Books

Cookie is not actually signing books, but she is present for Frankel’s book signing. This makes sense since the book is named after her: Cookie Meets Peanut.

Image: bethennyfrankel/Instagram

Posing For The Fans

Since Cookie is with her human mom at most times, it’s not surprising that the pup has some fans of her own. Cookie is adorable posing in front of a blown up version of her book cover.

Image: bethennyfrankel/Instagram

Playing Around

Frankel and Cookie always have fun together. She has been the a constant in Frankel’s life since she entered the spotlight and I’m sure the Housewife is grateful for her presence.

Image: bethennyfrankel/Instagram


The friends are all smiles enjoying some summer fun on a boat. Frankel captioned the photo: “#tbt with my main bitch, @cookiedabooboo.” Yes, Cookie does have her on Instagram account. That itself makes her the ideal dog BFF.

Image: bethennyfrankel/Instagram