Get Excited For 'RHONY' Season 8 Because Bethenny

RHONY fans, rejoice! The newest season of The Real Housewives of New York is just over the horizon, premiering on April 7. The Season 7 trailer was recently released (check it out here) and it looks like we're in for another season of crazy. Adding to the mix of eccentric personalities is newcomer Dorinda Medley who will be joining our favorite gang of crazy New Yorkers this season.More importantly in casting change ups is the return of RHONY OG, Bethenny Frankel, to the lineup. Bethenny, the RHO NY Queen of Candor, has always been a bit polarizing. Never one to mince words, Bethenny’s frankness has gotten her in trouble on more than a few occasions. The beauty of Real Housewives, though, is that their pain equals our pleasure, and every Bethenny snafu is a hilarious moment for us.

Whether you love or hate her, you can’t ignore Bethenny Frankel. To celebrate her return, let’s look back at some of her most outrageous moments. Whether on her original run on RHONY, her spin-offs, Bethenny Getting Married? and Bethenny Ever After (RIP), her talk show, Bethenny (also RIP), or during her many other miscellaneous appearances, Bethenny never fails to entertain. If Bethenny lives up to her reputation (as she undoubtedly will), her presence on this season of The Real Housewives of New York will not leave us wanting any drama.

The Many, Many Bethenny-isms

Even if you hate her, you can't deny that Bethenny's quick wit and quippy one-liners are pretty phenomenal. This clip shows just a brief glimpse of her signature snark. I'm sure we can expect a whole new set of Bethenny-isms on the new season of RHONY.

Scary Island

In possibly one of the best/least logical Housewives fights ever, Bethenny went toe to toe with Kelly Bensimon over drinks and jellybeans, screaming at her "GO TO SLEEP, GO TO SLEEP!"

Bethenny Tells Jill To Get A Hobby (And She Does... Creating Elaborate Metaphors)

During one of Bethenny's many tiffs with Jill Zarin, Bethenny tells Jill to get a hobby... Which causes Jill to develop a very complex bank metaphor to represent their friendship and more fully demonstrate the hurt she feels at the robbery of said friendship bank.

Bethenny Stalks Her Dog-Sitter

Bethenny is rarely rational when it comes to her dog/child Cookie, but this clip from Bethenny Ever After, in which she dresses in a blonde wig and stalks her dog's trip to the doggy park, really exemplifies her full-scale obsession with her dog.

Word Association With Meredith Vieira

Bethenny and Meredith Vieira make a great pair and on this episode of Vieira's show, Bethenny displays her quick wit with this fast-paced RHONY word association game.

... And Death Threats With Meredith Vieira

Bethenny proving, once again, she is not one to mess with.

Bethenny & Ellen: Best Friends Forever After

Bethenny and Ellen DeGeneres are good pals and their interactions never fail to amuse. In this clip, Ellen ribs Bethenny for her daughter's talking abilities and you can really see the fun dynamic between the two.

Bethenny Speaks The Truth

We might not always like it, but Bethenny is never afraid to hit us with the cold, hard truth. This just happens to be one of the times where her honesty works in our favor (and by works in our favor, I mean fuels our drunken carb-eating sprees).

Bethenny Hustles Hard (Even on Vacation)

In case anyone had any doubts about where she's from, Bethenny exposes her true New Yorker in this clip where she shrewdly negotiates with a beach vendor while on vacation.

Images: bricesander (2)/Tumblr