11 Adorable Pictures Of Chris Soules & Whitney Bischoff, Because Seeing Their Lasting 'Bachelor' Bond Is Precious

Ever since they were finally able to go public with their relationship, Chris Soules and Whitney Bischoff keep posting cute photos to Instagram. The two are not ones to shy away from social media, especially when it comes to sharing their love for their partner. Hardly a day goes by where Chris or Whitney don't post a picture of the two of them with some super adorable caption. "I am so lucky to have this man in my life," Whitney wrote on a photo of the pair post-engagement. "I am the luckiest guy in the world with you by my side. I love you," Chris captioned on a snapshot of the couple after a Dancing With the Stars performance.

It's pretty sweet that they don't mind being public about their love. Usually I hate that kind of PDA, but it's refreshing to see a Bachelor couple still so in sync. It's easy to see that if they carry on this way, they're going to be together for a long time.

Their bond is precious, and it's really great that the couple is letting us in on their love story by being active on social media. So, thanks to the happy pair, we get to see these 11 cute photos of Chris and Whitney.

Hanging With the Family

The Soules clan invited Whitney in for this family photo.

When They Hit the Red Carpet

They're a red carpet power couple.

Shining on DWTS

I'm pretty sure Whitney matched her silver dress to his costume on purpose, and it's adorable.

When They Spent Time With His Niece

All this photo is telling me is that I can't wait for Chris and Whitney to have kids of their own.

Their First Post-Bachelor Shot

Taken at the After the Final Rose special, Chris wasted no time letting the world know he chose Whitney.

PDA Alert!

Too cute.

When Someone Told a Joke

The couple that laughs together, stays together.

#TBT to Des Moines

Looking back on this Bachelor date, it was clear they were meant to be together.

When They Had a Night Out

They're a very attractive couple.

This Could-Be Wedding Shot

I know this is their MuckFest Bachelor date, but it seriously looks like a real wedding shot. (Minus the mud on Whitney's face, of course.) I can't wait for their actual wedding.

Cozy Sunday at Home

These two are cute even when they're doing nothing.

Image: Rick Rowell/ABC