Why Hilary (Duff) Will Make A Great President

Everyone has been talking their heads off about Hillary running for president in 2016, and I finally have to interject. Guys — you're spelling her name wrong. It's not a double-L, it's a single L. If you're going to engage in ongoing political discourse about a presidential candidate, at least make an effort to spell her name correctly. Just because she's a woman does not mean she doesn't deserve the respect given to any other candidate with a name that may seem unfamiliar, like Jeb or Rand. Hilary has faced enough disrespect at this point in her campaign, and she has taken it gracefully.

More the the point, if you're going to make a conspicuous effort to refer to her by her first name to emphasize the fact that she's a woman and that other women can empathize with her, getting the orthography right is the first step.

Some people have their doubts about whether Hilary can really do it. Can she handle the responsibility of being in charge of the United States? Can she liaise appropriately with high-level politicians, celebrities, and everyday Americans alike? Can she negotiate policy and prioritize the wishes of the American people alongside her own dreams without compromising who she is? I for one have to say that the question is moot — Hilary has been doing all this and more for years.

I'm glad to hear everyone finally taking Hilary seriously as a presidential candidate. I've been rooting for her since the early 2000s, but I'm happy to welcome the rest of the Ready for Hilary supporters on to the winning team. Thanks for joining us on this wild and crazy ride. In case you need to brush up on your campaign speak, here are 14 of the best reasons why Hilary will make an amazing president.

1. She Understands The Issues

Hilary can relate to your problems, and she knows what it's like to suffer. She works for the common good.

2. She's Focused On The Root Of The Problem

Hilary sees through all the smoke and mirrors. While some candidates spend their time criticizing her fashion or fast food choices, she wants to get down to business.

3. She Stays Humble

Hilary can admit it — she has a lot of experience, but she still doesn't know everything.

4. She Can Talk To Politicians


Look at this amazing show of camaraderie across party lines! Wow.

5. She Can Kiss Babies

Joe Raedle/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Hilary is great with kids, and she has always been very in touch with the youth of America, often acting as their inspiration.

6. She's Confident

While some make the highly sexist argument that she will be too emotionally fragile to handle the presidency, Hilary is just as ready as you are.

7. She's Not Afraid Of A Little Change

Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

She's dyed her hair practically all the colors of the rainbow, showing not only her allegiance to the diversity of her supporters, but her fearlessness when it comes to change.

8. But She Always Stays True To Herself

Hilary has always been all about self-confidence and personal strength, not only for herself, but as an example for women everywhere.

9. She Won't Take Dirt From Other People

Though other people try to bring her down, she won't take unmerited criticism and harsh jabs.

10. She's Determined

When she wants to make a change or stand her ground, Hilary is not afraid to stick to her guns.

11. She's Full Of Great Ideas

Her innovation is the main reason we're all a little bit in love with her. The other reasons all pretty much revolve around that one.

12. She's Real

In many ways, Hilary is just a normal American woman, working to figure out obstacles to get what she wants.

13. She Wants Change

She's tired of seeing the country being run by people, mostly men, who don't prioritize so many issues that are vitally important to so many Americans.

14. She Believes In The American Dream

Hilary has always believed that if you work hard and believe in yourself — and help others along the way — you can achieve anything, and that's why she will make a great president.

Hold on. I'm getting a text from my editor. Who's running for president? Hillary Clinton? Oh. She's good too.

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