'The Royals' Prince Liam Is Between The Sheets In Behind The Scenes Photos From The Scandalous Series — EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS

Last Sunday on E!'s scripted hit series The Royals , we saw Queen Helena in a seductive — and oh so devious — light. It's common knowledge the Queen (played to perfection by Elizabeth Hurley) is threatened by her daughter's youth and sex appeal, so when the lady of the house finds out information that could send her daughter's bodyguard-turned-slampiece Jasper to the slammer, Jasper hatches a plan. He's seduced one member of the royal family, so why not do it again? And it seems Jasper caught the Queen at just the right time. When he approaches her, she reveals she was feeling "melancholy, stressed and severely horny." Well alrighty then.

Even more drama will ensue this week on The Royals, as backlash from the Queen sleeping with her daughter's love interest will surely ensue. But there's even more twists in store, with screen legend Joan Collins making an appearance. The episode's summary is as follows: The King (Vincent Regan) makes a decision that impacts the rest of the family while Ophelia (Merritt Patterson) struggles with the PR fallout from her wild-streak in Monaco. Joan Collins guest stars as the Grand Duchess of Oxford, mother of Queen Helena.

We can't wait to see it all unfold on Sunday night. But to tide you over until then, here are some exclusive behind the scenes photos from the episode (which include a half-dressed William Moseley between the sheets, and Joan Collins giggling between takes).

Images: E!