Zendaya Is Launching A Shoe Line

by May Sofi

Zendaya Coleman is notorious for pushing the envelope, taking fashion risks, and choosing looks that speak to her personal style, regardless of what may or may not be trendy. Her shoe game is especially on fleek though, which probably influenced her latest project: Zendaya designed a shoe collection with her stylist Law Roach, making her incredible footwear game available to the public.

Taking just a brief look through her Instagram photos, you'll notice that Zendaya is a fan of sneakers, and she has a lot of them. Thankfully, casual sneaks will be a part of the collection. According to InStyle, the line will include boots, flats, sneakers, and sandals ranging from unique one-of-a-kind designs, to basic footwear staples like black pumps.

Zendaya dished to InStyle saying, “My inspiration is all of the young women out there who are my age and older — working women who don’t necessarily want to spend a trillion dollars, but want to get a good shoe, I want to make affordable shoes of quality that are very fashion forward, chic, and that I’m going to wear.” Amen sister.

The line doesn't launch until next Fall, so in the meantime, let's take a look at Zendaya's 11 best footwear moments, in hopes that similar looks make it into the collection.

1. Bright Point Toe Pumps

2. Strappy Colored Sandals

3. Casual Kicks

4. Jeweled Heels

5. Highlighter Sneaks

6. Sneaker Wedges

7. Basic Nude Stilettos

8. Candy-Colored Pumps

9. Sock-Heel Hybrid

10. Dot-Candy Heels

11. Peep-Toe Booties