Who Is Rachel McAdams Playing In 'True Detective' Season 2? Here's Everything We Know About Her Character So Far

We're less than two months out from Season 2 of True Detective , and I officially can't take it anymore. I think I've done a pretty great job of being patient and just waiting for details about the new season to reveal themselves to me up until now, but I'm done with all that — especially after HBO released that Season 2 True Detective trailer featuring a badass Rachel McAdams. It takes too long for things to cycle through the rumor mill and get confirmed, that it's driving me nuts trying to be patient and wait for the series to air on HBO. So with that in mind, I've decided to just get rid of the middleman and do some digging myself.

And not just digging about the show in general — although I certainly wouldn't mind if I stumbled on some juicy plot deets — I'm specifically interested in McAdams' character. Because that's my girl out there! I've always thought she deserves to be way more famous than she is, based on her talent-level, and I'm really hoping that this is her opportunity to really make it big. So with fingers crossed, and my brain sending massive amounts of good thoughts her way, here is everything we know about McAdams' character so far. Spoiler alert: she sounds really awesome.

She's One Of Four Leads

Along with Vince Vaughn, Colin Farrell, and Taylor Kitsch. And, thankfully it doesn't sound like she's a love interest, which is an incredible relief. In addition to being tired of female characters in crime dramas always being the token girlfriends or wives of the male leads, I'm tired of McAdams being relegated to these role when she's strong enough to carry a whole project.

She Plays A Badass Cop...

A Ventura County Sheriff's Detective, no less.

... With An Interesting Name

Ani Bezzerides. What is that, Greek?

Her World Gets Turned Upside Down By A Murder

A bizarre murder, and one that causes the paths of all four leads to cross — three law enforcement officials, and one career criminal. The details of the killing are particularly gruesome, including the victim's eyes being burned out, his sex organs removed, and mysterious, Satanic markings left on his chest.

She Has A Dark Past

Reportedly including struggles with gambling and alcoholism.

... But Refuses To Compromise Her Ethics

I can give you very few details on exactly what those ethics are, but in the HBO blurb on this next season, they described Bezzerides as a cop "whose uncompromising ethics put her at odds with others and the system she serves." Sounds intense.

HBO on YouTube

Can't wait!

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