Lena & Jack's Cutest Moments For Their Anniversary

Do you have a favorite celebrity couple? Does one of them include a Girls actress and Fun member? If so, then it's time we celebrate Lena Dunham and Jack Antonoff, especially Wednesday marks their three-year anniversary. That's right, Dunham announced her anniversary on Instagram and did it in the cutest way possible. Not only did she share a cute photo of the two, but she captioned it as follows:

In 30 minutes it will be 3 whole years since this straight up CREATURE creeped into my life. I feel lucky every day. Even now, as he noisily dubsmashes while I try and sleep. Thank you Jack x

See? I told you they are adorable. If you follow their relationship, then you know the actress and musician can't help but showcase their love. They look precious in photos, and when the two talk about their partnership, well, it pretty much makes everyone jealous. Basically, after looking at the two on red carpets, checking out their candid moments on social media, and reading about their relationship in interviews, well, you'll start setting relationship goals, stat.

So, in honor of their love, anniversary, and amazing relationship, here are a few times Dunham and Antonoff couldn't help but be super cute, because, yes, they're just that perfect.

When Lena Shared This Photoshopped Instagram Photo

Be sure to read the caption as well.

When They Discovered Dubsmash


When Lena Gushed About Jack


When Jack Shared Pics Of Lena & Their Pets

The cuteness is real.

When Lena Shared Pics Of Jack & Their Pets

Does it get more adorable?

When They Took This Photo On The Plane

Best. Photo. Ever.

When They Were Silly

No wonder Jack is in a band named Fun.

When They Celebrated New Year's

That's how you ring in the new year.

When They Wore Matching Xmas PJ's

See? They are one great couple.