Retail Addicts: Apple Watch's ASOS App Is Coming

by Tyler Atwood

If you've been diagnosed with a minor shopping addiction, the Apple Store is going to be a dangerous place come April 24. As if the Apple Watch weren't alluring enough, the product's latest addition is a cleverly-designed Apple Watch ASOS shopping app, Racked reports. It may come to pass that style-minded Apple Watch owners find themselves curiously depleted of financial funds by year's end.

Renowned for its well-rounded selection of designer and high street wares, ASOS has long been a cult favorite retailer of sartorial staples. With a quick scroll through the company website, one could easily scoop up the entirety of their spring wardrobe, cosmetics, jewelry, and footwear in addition to rebooting their skincare regimen. ASOS shrewdly deduced that programming an Apple Watch app designed to place popular goods at their consumers' fingertips would undoubtedly compel shoppers to spend even more of their time perusing the site's endless selection of products.

Further facilitating the instantaneous luxury shopping experience are app capabilities including sale alerts and product suggestions generated from user shopping history. At first glance the app may not seem entirely different from the retail experience you might receive while browsing the store's website on your iPhone, but the app differs greatly in its tailored and customized user experience for Apple Watch owners. It seems April is rapidly transforming into a fiscally challenging month for Apple addicts everywhere.