Guy Poses Like Kate Upton On Tinder For Right Swipes, Proves Anything Is Possible In Online Dating

Tinder is many things, most of which are an interesting reflection of our generation’s obsession with click culture. The most recent intersection of youth culture and dating comes to us from a man who is posing like Kate Upton on Tinder to get matches. Maybe you’re wondering why a man would pose like a Sports Illustrated supermodel to attract women — you wouldn’t be alone. My best guess is that we’ve reverted to doing just about anything to break up the banality of swiping left or right on the future of our romantic pursuits.

“I've been told I look like a poor man's Kate Upton,” reads the bio of Zach’s Tinder profile. “Ps [sic] Kuck Fate Upton." (I see what you did there.) For all intents and purposes, this profile appears to be that of a very good-humored fella. His bait and switch, the catchall conversation starter that any familiar user of the app has saved to their clipboard, goes something like this:

Hey just so you know, these aren't actually pictures of me... these are solely pictures of kate upton [sic] taken from her twitter. We look so much alike it's just easier

With that, the screengrabs of his conversations with various women seem to take a nosedive down the rabbit hole of in-character exchanges about his objectified, Kate Upton doppelganger body. “Well then you must have huge boobs too!” is one response that I think merits a chuckle from even the most cynical of dating app critics. Another woman aptly chides him with “#catfish” — which, yes.

All I can say is, blessed be the Internet for forever sharing private discourse from the fiery depths of dating Hell. May we all swipe right on this clown and find joy in his bot-like exchanges.

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