Why Does 'Daredevil' Reference The Avengers' Battle In New York So Much? Something Terrible May Be Coming

Thank the Marvel and Netflix overlords! The incredible Netflix series Daredevil will return for Season 2! For those who have yet to log on to Netflix and spend the next 13 consecutive hours of your life watching this show, Daredevil follows Matt Murdock — the blind lawyer by day and vigilante by night — as he attempts to protect the city. While I've come up with all kinds of theories about Daredevil Season 2 story lines and have attempted to find as many Marvel Easter Eggs in Season 1 as I can, some of the most intriguing moments from Daredevil involve The Avengers and The Battle of New York. Spoiler: No Avengers appear in Daredevil ... yet. But since the series referenced the Battle of New York quite a lot in the first season, I have to wonder if they're going somewhere with it.

The villains who worked for Murdock's rival Wilson Fisk were the ones who brought up the battle quite a bit in the series, mostly because The Avengers' battle with Loki and the Chitauri essentially ruined most of Hell's Kitchen in New York City. As Daredevil is set almost exclusively in Hell's Kitchen, the series had a lot of room to explore the aftermath of the battle and how it affected everyday citizens.

So The Battle of New York is kind of everything to Daredevil: The real estate agent who shows Matt and his partner Foggy Nelson their new office space tells the boys that the rent for the space is so cheap, because everything around it was pretty much demolished by the battle. Thanks to all of the renovations and whatnot, things in Hell's Kitchen are more affordable than ever before. The series truly hinges on the much-needed rebuilding of New York City; it's what allows Wilson Fisk, Madame Gao, the Russians, and Nobu to further their evil cause to tear Hell's Kitchen down completely in order to "restore" it. Of course, those of us who've finished Daredevil know that the villain gang's reasoning and execution is horrible.

While all of this Avengers battle talk makes perfect sense to incorporate into the series, is there more to the talk? Could it all be be foreshadowing to some larger problem or event that will take place? It's possible that there could be more destruction coming the way of New York City thanks to the Avengers' upcoming battle with Ultron. This could drive city officials to more be more wary about superheroes themselves.

If the Avengers make things more difficult for the people and the city, just as Daredevil (and potentially even Spider-Man when he gets his Marvel debut) is trying to secretly do some good on the streets, city officials could eventually get onboard with an initiative to unmask superheroes or have them arrested for their vigilantism. This is the very same incentive that eventually pits costumed heroes against each other in the Marvel comics storyline entitled Civil War. Does that sound familiar? It should to all your Marvel movie fans: It's the title of the next Captain America movie.

Basically, all this referencing of the Battle of New York could be a very bad sign for the newly minted Daredevil. People are very likely starting to get fed up with superheroes and beginning to worry that these men and women in their secret identities are doing more harm than good.

Hopefully we'll know soon enough if any of this it true, but it certainly seems like this darker place is where we're headed.

Images: Screenshot/Walt Disney Studios (2); Barry Wetcher/Netflix