9 Reasons Aziz Ansari's Netflix Show With 'Parks And Recreation' Creator Mike Schur Should Be A Tom Haverford Spinoff

I'm an Aziz Ansari fan, you're an Aziz Ansari fan, and if we're being totally honest with ourselves, we are all Aziz Ansari fans. So, it's a great thing that he will be back on our television/computer/other streaming device screens fairly soon. If you didn't know, Aziz Ansari has signed up for a Netflix show with his Parks and Recreation bosses, which he is co-creating and will star in. Listen, I'm not too sure what we did to deserve such a blessing, either. But, I'm not about to question it and jinx it all to hell. Let us just give thanks that he'll be around to troll us all once again, in whatever form.

But the thing is, if we’re going with that whole honesty concept like I said, then maybe it's worth admitting that we all miss Tom Haverford just as much, or maybe even a little bit more, than Ansari himself. I know Parks and Rec gave what most consider to be an absolute perfect ending. But, Haverford was an amazing character and I’d like to see him dice things up just a little bit longer. So, because we’re all as selfish as Tom and demand things like the diva he is, here are all the reasons why the TV gods should listen and make this new show a Tom Haverford spinoff:

Plot points: There are opportunities for Tom to become the new Cesar Milan

Not just anyone can voice a dog's inner monologue. I should know, I do it for my dog everyday and it's exhausting.

Audience empowerment: He once proved that looking like Judy from Doug and Mary Tyler Moore at the same time could be hella cool

No, you're treating us, Tom.

Pop culture references: His actions speak louder than words

Jay-Z would be so proud.

He's resourceful: He made Jerry feel useful for once... well, sorta

Any sort of interaction helps, right?

He's real: And he spoke the DAMN truth

'90s R&B is and always will be everything.

He's a role model: He instilled in us unabashed confidence

There's swag in all of us.

Cultural influences: He's man who isn't afraid to be vulnerable

Perhaps he can influence others in their quest to be more open with their feelings and needs.

Entertainment: He gets into precarious situations

That Tom, always causin' a ruckus.

People will be invested: Obviously, he commands attention

In a really, really good way.

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