When Is 'The Real Housewives of Melbourne' Reunion? It's Just a Few Weeks Away, But Don't Expect Andy Cohen

A Housewives franchise is only as good as its reunions, right? That's what kept The Real Housewives of Miami alive for a few seasons, anyway. So when is the inheritor of the RHOM moniker, The Real Housewives of Melbourne , airing its Season 2 reunion? The show isn't produced in the US like the rest of the Bravo empire and its production schedule is much shorter than the rest of the Housewives shows, so even though only seven episodes have aired so far, that reunion is coming up soon. Season 1 only had 10 episodes, and Real Housewives of Melbourne Season 2 is following in its footsteps and will also be a shorter season — it seems only in America are demands (and budgets) high enough for 22 episode-long reality TV seasons — and the finale is just a few weeks away. The RHOM reunion will air the week after the finale, and so we can expect it on May 14 and Part II on May 21. That's less than a month away!

And this time, American audiences won't be long behind Australian ones. There, the show airs on Sunday nights, so they'll get it on May 10, but as long as you avoid the ladies' Twitter feeds between Sunday and Thursday, you will remain spoiler-free. Some slightly controversial news is that the reunion will once again be hosted by Alex Perry instead of flying in Andy Cohen to do the honors.

And that news did not excite very many RHOM fans.

But even if Perry is no Andy Cohen, that won't stop these ladies from being at one another's throats. And the first season reunion is more than enough proof that they don't need a host to shepherd them into fights. These ladies keep it 100 all the time.

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The glee with which Andrea and the other ladies count the number of times Gina uses the c-word in that bathroom conversation after sanctimoniously lecturing everyone about never saying it is just unparalleled in any other non-Teresa Giudice reunion show. Gina, I mean, if the rest of these ladies keep it 100, Gina keeps it at least 5000, because it simultaneously implies that she keeps it much realer and much faker than anyone else. I wish we could just skip straight to the finale so the reunion was that much closer.

But we'll just have to wait and see if Perry is up to the challenge of wrangling these ladies. My hope is that he doesn't, because that will make for an even more out of control reunion.

Image: Martin Philbey/Bravo; Giphy