Man Repeller x NARS Are Taking On Beauty Vlogging

Man Repeller's Leandra Medine is already one of our favorite people for her humor, girl power, and killer style. Well, now, we've got another reason to love the author and blogger: The Man Repeller's beauty vlog with NARS hilariously shows us exactly what it would look like if the typically makeup-free Medine took up the mantle of YouTube beauty guru. Plus, it gave us a really cool look at NARS's new Dual Intensity Blush!

Back in 2010, Medine launched Man Repeller, a blog dedicated to chic, cool fashion trends that might not exactly be what men love on ladies. The best part about the blog though is that Medine has a super badass, IDGAF attitude about men's disapproval of women's sartorial choices. The author and blogger wears her label of "man repeller" proudly, and honestly, that's what makes her so cool. That and she's also super funny.

In her new foray, Medine has paired up with NARS Cosmetics as they launch their new Dual Intensity Blush. The product features dual shades—hence the name— that can be worn together, separately, wet or dry giving you totally customizable cover. While the product is already on my Sephora wish list, Medine's beauty vlog makes me want to buy it even more. Featuring diverse talents like Questlove, Toast the Dog, and Simon Doonan, the video has Medine attempting to take on the role of beauty vlogger, which hilariously involves Simon Doonan's stunt hands—it'll all make sense once you watch the video. So, take a peek at the hysterical vlog, and just try not to fall deeper in love with Medine.