'True Detective's Season 2 Trailer Song Lyrics Could Hold The Key To Figuring Out What This Season Is About

HBO is slowly building its way up to the Season 2 premiere of True Detective on June 21 by dropping teasers for the new season of the anthology series. The teaser trailer for Season 2 hit the internet in April and got fans buzzing about the nature of the new series, which focuses on a murder mystery connected to the Southern California highway system. But while the visuals are intriguing (especially all of those depressing shots of Taylor Kitsch) it's the new song in the True Detective Season 2 trailer the has captivated everyone's attention. The song, which was written specifically for True Detective, may hold some key clues to what we will be seeing when the new season hits HBO in June.

Though fans are going crazy over the haunting tune, HBO is keeping it's origins particularly mysterious — even the name of the track is unknown to fans. The still-unreleased song (aka, sadly, it's still not on iTunes) was performed by country singer Lera Lynn — and, according to some rumors, also penned by the performer along with T. Bone Burnett and Johnny Cash's daughter Rosanne Cash.

However, other than stating that the song was created for Season 2 of the show, HBO has yet to comment on the true nature of the song — making it all the more mysterious. Equally as mysterious are the lyrics to the song, which are as follows:

Change will come to those who have no fearBut I’m not her, you never were the kind who kept a rulebook nearWe were we like a pair of thieves, tumbled locks and broken codesYou cannot take that from me, my small reprieves your heart of goldWe were like a battlefield locked inside a holy war, your love is my due diligenceThe only thing worth fighting for

The song may seemingly be about a romantic relationship, but the lyrics hint at something a bit deeper.

There's a lot of imagery in this song that relates to justice and those who break the law — the "rulebook" could reference a rogue detective searching for answers with little concern over the predetermined "way" of doing things. "Broken codes" could be betrayal, or could hint that the officers will break the police code in order to find their culprit.

The last line is especially powerful, especially given the context of the trailer, in which everyone is desperately searching for answers — solving the case becomes all-consuming, and the "only thing" worth the struggle.

You can listen to the song in the True Detective teaser below — feel free to hit the replay button as often as possible.

Images: HBO/YouTube (2)