Jax Sings A Ballad On 'American Idol' & Finally Proves to America Why She Will Win This Competition

Jax showed her true colors on American Idol tonight — and I'm so excited she finally did. I fell in love with Jax the moment she opened her mouth in her initial audition, but she's gotten away from her true self since the beginning of this show. Jax has finally returned to her true self in her Top 6 performance tonight with "White Flag" by Dido. It's a known fact that Jax will win this competition, but her style has strayed a little too far left for the judges. It's refreshing that Jax finally sang a ballad that really fit her voice because it showed how talented she really is. Jax will win this competition, at least now we know she deserves it.

Jax has had this competition in the bag since the beginning. There's no denying she's crazy talented, but Jax has veered a little too close to the "weird" side to be successful in the mainstream. Tonight's performance solidified the fact that Jax won't only do well on the radio, she'll excel. When she lets herself be the true Jax, she is simply amazing — and that's why so many fans got behind her from the beginning.

Jax has earned a lot of criticism from the judges in the past few weeks and she definitely deserved. The judges, especially Jennifer Lopez, know that Jax will win, which is why they've been especially harsh on her lately. She's finally taken their criticism. Jax's performance of a ballad definitely satisfied the judges' craving to hear who she really is. They rewarded her with high remarks and reiterated again that she would win. Let's hope that Jax continues this pattern of staying true to herself because it's pretty awesome. She's on amazing journey, and I can't wait to see how far she has come when she finally takes home that trophy.

Image: Michael Becker/FOX