Can You Guess The 5 In Variety's 'Power of Women'?

In this year’s seventh annual issue of “Power of Women,” Variety put the spotlight on five women doing it big in the nonprofit industry. Variety honored Kim Kardashian, Whoopi Goldberg, Lena Dunham, Rachel Weisz, and Glenn Close — a totally talented, intelligent and, yes, powerful bunch.

When Kardashian isn’t busy taking perfect selfies and publishing a book out of them, she’s helping out the Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. Goldberg is an honorary chair of nonprofit Figure Skating in Harlem. Weisz teamed up with her hubby, Daniel Craig, to help Opportunity Network to continue to support academics through student scholarships and Close founded Bring Change 2 Mind, which is a nonprofit that brings awareness about mental illnesses. And can’t forget about Dunham. She is a huge advocate of Gems, a nonprofit for those who have experienced sexual exploitation in New York.

Each cover of each respective woman is a beautiful shot that reveals their inner-powerful beast. Kim K. shows her power through her over-the-shoulder smize, while Dunham poses in a tux, looking cute and boyish. Close rocks an ear cuff and gazes away from camera on her cover, while Goldberg smiles warmly on hers, cuddling up to her sweater. On Weisz's cover, she stands tall in a powerful black and white shot. It's tremendously inspiring to see these women using their time, fame, and effort to help these organizations thrive.

Check out the covers below:

Images: lenadunham/Instagram; bringchange2mind/Instagram; variety/Instagram (3)