Are Bridal Separates The Next Big Bridal Trend?

Can I have a wedding day do-over? Because the latest bridal trend is giving me major bride envy. BHLDN released a bridal separates collection, and I can't image a better time to be a bride. No worries, the feminine gowns are still here: fashion is just going about the silhouette in a new way. Mix and match bridal separates are feminine, flattering, and affordable. Swoon.

BHLDN's separates line might be the most genius thing to hit the wedding industry. The line includes corsets, toppers, and wraps that can be mixed and matched for an a la carte bridal look. No matter what combination you choose, the end result is much like the more-or-less traditional looks we've come to love.

The line has skirt styles and lengths for everyone, ranging from lace to tulle and even intricate floral patterns. Tops come in a variety of colors, from blush to beige and, of course, the traditional shades of white.

So, why switch to separates for your big day? Fit could be a defining factor. Sometimes, one-piece gowns pose a bit of a problem, what with all the different body types, resulting in extensive altering. Alterations can rack up the bridal salon bill, and quick. Separates give the option of better fitting, the first time. Or, if you are simply looking for a more customizable, individual look, then separates put you in the designer seat. Score.

We rounded up some of our favorite pieces from the new line.

1. Carina Corset

With a sweetheart neckline and intricate lace, this is as feminine as it gets.

Carina Corset, $930,

2. Gracia Skirt

Simple, elegance, and classic describe this tulle skirt.

Garcia Skirt, $1,000.00,

3. Maelin Corset

You can up the ante with a bolder corset choice, paired with a simpler skirt. Or vice versa.

Maelin corset, $970.00,

4. Marnie Topper

Lace is still coveted in bridal wear, and sleeves are beyond pretty. This delicate top can pair with almost any skirt.

Marnie topper, $220.00,

5. Isabel Skirt

The whole BHLDN line is whimsical, but this one takes the cake.

Isabel skirt, $1,,

Images: Courtesy of BHLDN