This Shampoo Robot Is Total Beauty Genius

Is this the future of salon hair care? Maybe not, but I hope it's the future of my bathroom. This Panasonic shampoo robot from Japan may not replace an actual hair stylist's first-class head massage as they lather up your scalp, but it's definitely a step up from a shower head, even a high-powered one.

Made by Asian tech company Panasonic, the shampoo robot looks exactly like a salon-grade bowl sink, except minus a person standing overhead, and plus a large handful of bells and whistles. Judging by the video, it gives one good head massage — the chair's treating you at the same time, too.

As cool of an idea as this is (and something that's definitely getting added to the list of luxury add-ons to my dream home,) there's nothing quite like the euphoria of a shampoo and massage from a real live person, as PopSugar was quick to point out.

Although I hope this robot doesn't actually become a time-saver at salons across the country, it is incredibly innovative, and I'd love to meet the mastermind behind it. What's next? An automatic blowout machine to finish the job? Now that I would like to see. Although my arms would probably lose a little strength from not having to hold up a blow dryer anymore, think about how many magazines I could get through!

Image: YouTube