'Shark Tank' App SnagaStool Is Available Now To Lucky Bar-Goers Who Want Their Own Spot

If you're able to muster up the energy to tear yourself away from whatever you're currently marathoning on Netflix and put on some real clothes to go out on a Friday night, figuring out which bar to hit up with your friends can be a real drag. This place gets too crowded. That place serves drinks that are too pricey. The other place has annoying clientele. Clearly what you need to get is Snagastool, one of the latest products to appear on Shark Tank .

OK, so Snagastool won't help you deal with high-priced drinks or a bar full of jerks all that much, but it will help you combat the crowds. Snagastool is an app that lets you make stool and table reservations at your favorite bars during special events. Think of it as OpenTable, but instead of reserving a spot at a five-star restaurant, you're saving yourself from having to stand on a beer-soaked floor all night.

Now I can think of almost nothing worse than standing at a crowded bar for hours on end, so I am all about Snagastool. Unfortunately, my opinion is not the one that matters. The creators of Snagastool really want to know what the Sharks think of their app and if they believe in its potential enough to invest in it.

The only way we're going to find out if Snagastool snags a deal with a shark is if we watch Friday night's episode. Until then, take a load off and read these eight essential facts about Snagastool.

1. It'll Help You Never Stand At A Bar Again


From takeout to dates to cabs, you find everything else in your life with an app, so why not do the same with your favorite bar? Just as the name says, Snagastool lets you reserve a place at participating bars during special events so you can actually see the big game and enjoy it too.

2. You Can Snag It Now... If You Have An iPhone

Snagastool is currently available to download for free for iOS devices from the App Store. If you're an Android user, you will unfortunately have to continue to fight for your barstools the old-fashioned way. There's also a fee to reserve a stool, which goes up for premium events like the Super Bowl. However, you can score some freebies and deals, such as complimentary appetizers, during some reservation times, so that's something.

3. It's Easier Than Finding A Match On Tinder

Once you've downloaded Snagastool and have opened up the app, you can either search for bars or look through a list of the ones near you to reserve your seat or table. When you've settled on a joint, you can choose a date, time, and how many stools you'd like to snag. Tap "Snag Now" to make your reservation, and all you have to do once you get to the bar is show off your confirmation. There should be little tent plates near the stools that you reserved when you arrive. Look at you, you VIP, you.

4. Super Bowl Sunday Is About To Get A Whole Lot Super-er

David Ryder/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Snagastool specializes in letting users reserve stools and tables during special events, from pub quiz nights to Super Bowl Sunday. Bars are usually packed on nights like these, so wouldn't it be lovely to make sure you have a prime seat to see the Left Shark dance, or whatever buzzworthy moment is going to happen at the big game next year? Yes, yes it would.

5. You Might Not Find It In A City Near You

William B. Plowman/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Snagastool is hyper-local right now. When I opened up the app, I only had seven bars suggested as "Nearby Stools" currently in Boston and Chicago, neither of which I live in. I understand that Snagastool is a start-up, and it needs time and money to expand, but if it ever wants to be successful, it's definitely going to need to eventually beef up its offerings in terms of the quantity of bars and locations. I'm just not sure if it will be able to do that.

6. It's Hard To Use Snagastool When It's Not A Special Night

It's great that Snagastool makes saving a spot at the bar for you during popular nights super easy, but what about a regular Thursday night when you want to go out for drinks after work at a neighborhood hotspot? For most of the bars, it looks like only a handful of reservations are available for special events but not normal nights. It seems unlikely that bar owners would ever allow people to reserve stools on regular nights anyway because taking a risk on a reservation that may not show up or may not drink a ton might not be worth the walk-ins you might have to turn away. For that reason, it seems like the Sharks might find this business tough to scale.

7. The Founders Were As Frustrated With Not Getting A Seat At Bars As You Are

When Boston-based business partners Jamie Manning and Adriano Varassin were trying to come up with an idea for a business to start a couple of years ago, they visited multiple bars during the NHL playoffs just to try and score a seat, but they didn't have much luck. Manning and Varassin, who both received an MBA from Suffolk University in Boston, figured they would pay to get a seat at the bar and enjoy the game, so why wouldn't other people?

8. Snagastool's Shark Tank Appearance Has Been A Long Time Coming

According to the above Instagram post, Manning and Varassin began the process of getting on Shark Tank more than a year before the episode with Snagastool will air.

Here's hoping it was worth the wait.

Images: Sam Howzit/Flickr; Getty Images (3)