Rihanna's 'V' Cover Look Is Very Familiar

You know what looks really familiar? Rihanna's V cover and not because the sexpot singer is wearing little more than a platinum wig with bangs, tiny bottoms, and is covering her breasts with her arm. Rih likes posing topless and V likes to feature semi-naked pop stars, like Lady Gaga's almost full-frontal nude images 2013.

However, speaking of Gaga, she covered V back in 2009, with a deeper, darker tan than the old lady in There's Something About Mary, with pastel lips and with blonde bangs. It also felt like she was bathed in a blacklight and her face was the color of a basketball, which aged her quite a bit.

The question here is thus: Is V being self-referential? Perhaps.

Or is the mag recycling itself? Nah.

Remember Rihanna's S&M-themed cover with Kate Moss was replicated by the Katy Perry and Madonna cover. V's covers are always something else and the mag isn't afraid to revisit what works, that's apparent. It's also okay. You know that saying: if it ain't broken...

Granted, V doesn't push the envelope; it shoves it. These looks are meant to be over the top and eye-grabbing. So who does this image and style better? Rihanna or Gaga?

Rihanna's bombshell wig and pale pink mod lips...

... were done by Gaga back in 2009. Yes, it's been six years, but still. The looks are very similar. Both queens also have serious eyelashes. And notice that Rihanna's bikini bottoms and eye shadow are the same blue hue as Gaga's glasses. But Gaga looks like she lost a fight with a spray tan gun, whereas RiRi's tan skin is more natural (perhaps because she's darker to begin with).

Rihanna's cover is certainly sexier, since her perfectly shaped derriere asserts itself. It also feels retro, whereas Gaga's cover is more futuristic, otherworldly and covered up, obviously, with her hooded, hot pink top.

Both are very artistic, as well. But I think I prefer Rihanna's since she has perfectly captured the '60s bombshell look and the baby bangs add a playful touch.

For argument's sake, which dominatrix vs. submissive cover is better?

Rihanna and Kate Moss?

Or Katy Perry x Madonna?

While the girl-on-girl, S&M theme is apparent in both covers and the accompanying inside spreads, the imaging is different, with the Katy x Madge giving off more of a pinup and Bettie Page vibe on their cover.

While V repeats themes and imaging, I think it might be my favorite thing about the publication.

Images: V (4)