This Paralyzed Girl Surprised Her Nurse By Walking Out Of Her Wheelchair, And The Scene Is A True Testament To How Amazing Nurses Are — VIDEO

I am in total awe of nurses. Not only do they go through grueling years of nursing school, but they work an extremely demanding job with crazy hours and see far more than their fair share of heartache. I have to think that the universe tries to level itself out with tiny miracles, or even huge ones like this paralyzed girl who surprised her nurse by walking. Bailey had been in an inexplicable paralysis from the waist down for 11 days, and her nurse wasn't on shift when she miraculously started walking again. She figured out what had happened pretty fast, though, when Bailey strolled out of her wheelchair and elicited the happiest shriek I have ever heard.

This is just truly a testament to not only the insane amount of work nurses put into their jobs, but the insane amount of love. Bailey's favorite nurse immediately hugged her and began to cry, thanking God and telling Bailey that she had been praying for her every day. We are all ridiculously lucky to have nurses like this in our corner, especially nurses like Bailey's, who had encouraged her through her entire ordeal to never stop fighting.

Here is one of the sweetest moments to ever grace YouTube:

And here's the full video below:

Doctors still aren't sure what caused Bailey's temporary paralysis, but hopefully with people this awesome on her team, they figure it out soon.

Of course, Bailey's nurse not the only one who has experienced this kind of surprise. Here are two videos of people who surprised their guests and their partners by walking on their wedding days:

This amputee who surprised his wife by walking on their wedding day

This paralyzed bride who surprised her wedding guests by walking down the aisle

Just a PSA that National Nurses Week is coming up (although let's be real, it needs to be National Nurses Year every year that ever existed). Go fist bump your nurse friends. They deserve it.

Image: Getty Images; YouTube