Here's What It's Really Like To Date A Nurse

I have only been in one relationship with a nurse, but I gotta say: I highly recommend it. In the almost two years I've been with my girlfriend, who recently became a psychiatric nurse practitioner, it's become apparent to me that the same qualities that make for a good nurse also make for a stellar romantic partner. High-caliber human beings come in all professions, of course, but I can't help but feel that actively trying to date a nurse might possibly be a brilliant idea. In honor of National Nurses Week , let me tell you why.

My partner and I met at Burning Man, when I was having a not-so-good night

Sensing my dismay, she invited me to tag along with her and her friends

and suddenly, my night got a whole lot better

Who was this smart, kind woman?

but once we hung out Back at home, i found she was usually busy

With her nursing school studies, of course.

So I just hung around her apartment and read while she studied

Because let’s face it: Sharing common space while doing nothing in particular is like 50 percent of a relationship, anyway.

And that’s sort of how we started dating

It was during a pretty volatile period of my own life

yet my occasional (ok, frequent) emotional breakdowns didn't seem to phase her

...because she's literally had professional training on how to handle emotional breakdowns

She is a compassionate, patient listener

Because People who aren’t compassionate and patient generally don’t go into nursing

she didn’t judge me for any of my anxieties or insecurities

Perhaps because she’s seen much more severe versions of those same anxieties in her patients.

yes, when your partner is a nurse, you’ve got a medical professional by your side at all times

like that time Early in our relationship, when I fainted while on a hike

She caught me, assessed my vitals, and concluded that I was okay. it was hot.

I finished the hike, too!

and when I came down with the flu, she made sure I drank plenty of liquids and got my rest

I soon returned the favor after she caught the same flu from me.

But having a nurse practitioner as a partner is awesome, even when you're not sick

because she keeps my hypochondriac tendencies in check

The mild stomach ache I’m experiencing is probably just indigestion, not kidney stones.

And always tells me when TV shows are making stuff up

Like Homeland. If Carrie was bipolar, she proooobably wouldn’t be prescribed Clozaril.

Arguments are even easier, since she’s trained to be patient and communicative

Which has in turn made me that much more patient, communicative, and appreciative

yes, with a nurse, you even eat more healthy

and I know I exercise more than I did before

Which is to say rarely. But still, rarely is more than never.

these days, we live together in the beautiful Bay Area

But if we ever want to move, we can!

Because she'll always be able to find a job. (unlike me)

Which is just one of the many, many perks

Of dating a nurse

Who I'm lucky loves me right back.