This Family Found A Bunch Of Baby Foxes In Their Backyard, Which Is Basically Better Than Christmas — PHOTOS

So a few months ago we discovered this fox village in Japan which is inhabited entirely by adorable little friends, and that was basically it for me. I was so maxed out on cute fox emotions that if I ever actually tried to visit the place, my heart would have exploded out of its chest. It turns out, however, that my fox feels were just beginning: A family found baby foxes in their backyard in New Jersey, and if you don't think they're the cutest thing to ever grace the earth, you're WRONG and I can't help you.

Philip Wang did what anyone would do when they found a bunch of baby foxes derping in their yard, which is, of course, to take a bunch of really precious pictures. Luckily for us, he is a very skilled photographer, and these baby foxes were more than happy to preen for him. This basically looks like a photo shoot for the Anne Geddes calendar of baby foxes. I'm seriously considering turning these images into a day planner, guys, because I want these baby foxes in my life always and forever.

Wang assured everyone at the end of his post that the foxes weren't abandoned, and that their mother was out hunting and returned for her fuzzy brood. Prepare to feel stuff, guys, because these are full frontal baby foxes here:

And because there is literally no such thing as too many baby foxes, here are some baby fox ~fun facts~.

1. Baby foxes are called "pups"

2. Baby foxes make mewing sounds like kittens

THAT'S what the fox says, for the record.

3. Baby foxes raised by humans tend to act like dogs

For instance, this adorable baby fox who grew up so dog-like that he walks on a leash and cuddles with his owner.


Unconfirmed by science, but who needs science when you have ME?!

Images: Imgur; Giphy(3)