15 Times Tom Hiddleston Was A Terrible Human

Look, I know Tom Hiddleston is beloved by all for being sweet and charming and ridiculously attractive. But he's not perfect. In fact, no one ever seems to talk about his flaws (of which there are many). Hiddlestoners may think their idol is faultless, but, in actuality, Tom Hiddleston is a terrible person — and I have proof. I mean, the man constantly subjects his fans to toothy grins, endearing laughter, and adorable dance moves. So, I'm asking the question no one else is asking: how dare he?

How dare Hiddleston work hard and give back to charity and be endlessly patient with his fans? How dare he be so flawless looking? It's really very unfair. Not only is he setting the bar incredibly high for regular men, but he's destroying fangirls' poor little hearts. I know I can't take much more of this man and his perfection — it's frankly very overwhelming.

It's high time someone address all the things Hiddleston is doing wrong in hopes that fangirls can see that even Hiddleston isn't perfect. In fact, sometimes he can be downright awful — I mean, there's a reason fans call him a life ruiner. Here are 15 examples of his day-to-day egregiousness.

When He Wore a White Shirt for His Ice Bucket Challenge

He might as well have worn no shirt at all.

When His Hips Don't Lie While Dancing

He knows full well what he's doing to his fans, and yet he's doing it anyway.

When He Talks About Being a Bad Boy

It's cruel to let our minds wander like that.

Every Time He Smiles

He's such a show-off with his perfect teeth.

When He Upstaged Benedict Cumberbatch's Wedding

Hiddleston should have known better than to show up looking that perfect. He took all the attention away from the happy pair.

When He Didn't Yet Have Children

Depriving the world of himself as a father is rude.

When He Told This Offensive Joke

That was not offensive even a little bit, but was actually adorable.

When He Hasn't Been Pictured With a Single Baby Animal

Is it so much to ask that Hiddleston pick up a kitten or a duckling every once in awhile? I think not.

When He Makes His Shirt Buttons Work Extra Hard

I hope he's paying them overtime for all the effort they have to put in.

When He Pulled Off Neon Yellow Snow Pants

It's just not fair. He looks good in everything.

When He Kept Not Doing Comedy Films

Not that his dramas and horror flicks aren't great. But he's so funny, he needs to star in a comedy ASAP.

When He's Super Polite

You're making every other guy out there look bad.

When He Kisses Other Women In His Films

All the feels.

When He Casually Slips Into a Perfect Impression

Acting is hard for some people, Tom. It's not OK that you're just so nonchalantly great at it.

When He Grew Up to Look Like This

For someone who is so nice, he's pretty rude to his fangirls on a daily basis.

Don't worry Hiddles, we forgive you. We love you anyway, and always will.

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