15 Things Only Hiddlestoners Understand

It's a special thing to be a Hiddlestoner. Tom Hiddleston is such a wonderful actor and person in general to look up to, so it's no wonder he's attracted such a large and diverse fan group. And like with any fandom, there are things only Hiddlestoners understand about being Tom Hiddleston lovers. Although his fans often intersect with other fandoms like the Cumberbitches, or the Whovians, or the Marvel fandom — there's something unique about being a Hiddlestoner that those who aren't fans of the actor don't quite get.

Whether you've been a fan for a month or for years, there's no denying that the Hiddlestoner fandom is a special place to be. They're very inclusive, excitable, and fun to talk to. They're, as Hiddleston calls them, passionate — which are really the best kinds of fans to have. Yes, they can be a little over-the-top sometimes. But mostly they're a kind group of people who all have one thing in common: loving Tom Hiddleston. And through loving the actor, the fans have come together and bonded in numerous ways. So, if you're a fan of Hiddleston's you probably know these 15 Hiddlestoner fandom truths.

The Pain of Waiting For Him to Do Something

This past year Hiddleston has been hard at work on several movies, and as such has kept out of the limelight. He dropped off Twitter for four months, skipped major awards shows, and just generally went AWOL. It's hard for Hiddleston fans to bide their time until something new came out, but that's standard fare in the fandom.

Getting a Bunch of New Things All at the Same Time

Hiddleston is skilled at disappearing for months at a time and reappearing with several new projects all at once. In February, after months of silence, he inundated us with his Tongue Twister challenge, a Vanity Fair photo shoot, attending Benedict Cumberbatch's wedding, etc. After weeks of nothing, it was totally overwhelming to get so many new things at once. Fans hardly knew which thing to fangirl over first.

Having to Explain Who He Is

Despite his success in films like Thor and Avengers, not everyone knows who Hiddleston is. But it's the duty of a Hiddlestoner to kindly explain to the person the wonderfulness that is Tom. Most likely the newbie will end up a Hiddlestoner, too, because there's nothing not to love about the man.

Knowing He Only Owns About Five Outfits

Forget Kate Middleton, Hiddleston is the original outfit repeater.

But That He Looks Good No Matter What He's Wearing

"I keep telling myself it’s just a hoodie," one Tumblr user said of his signature sweatshirt. "It’s just Tom Hiddleston in a hoodie…" Ah, but therin lies the problem. Hiddleston makes even casual clothes look attractive.

Baby Hiddles Is Everything

Grown-up Hiddles is nice too, of course. But there's nothing better than a dose of a young Hiddleston to brighten up your day.

He Makes Shakespeare Worthwhile

I wasn't really a fan of The Bard in high school, but then I started watching Hiddleston tackle Shakespearian roles and suddenly I cared. Not just because Hiddleston is gorgrous in period clothing, but because his passion for Shakespeare is infectious. It leaps off the screen and makes his fans care too.

Loki Is So Much More Than The Bad Guy

The average Avengers fan might see Loki as no more than a villain, but Hiddlestoners know there's a rich backstory behind the character that makes him kind of redeemable.

There's a Textual Representation of Hiddleston's Laugh

It's "ehehehe," and you probably just read that in his voice.

Anything With Josh Horowitz Is Pure Gold

The MTV host has great camaraderie with many celebs, but he and Hiddleston have a special bond. The two of them have produced a number of comedic sketches together that are pure genius.

That He's Bad at Math

I mean, it's only fair that he have at least one weakness.

And Gets Distracted Really Easily

What I would give to know what's going on in that head of his.

He Doesn't Actually Wave


Hiddlestoners know that Hiddleston's version of a wave is literally just sticking his hand out like he's high-fiving the air. That's why his waves photograph so well, because he doesn't actually move his hand at all.

That He Means Every Apology

He's just so sincere!

Yes, He Really Is That Nice

Hiddleston is a good actor, but he's not faking his charming personality. Oh, the things he does to us Hiddlestoners. It's just not fair.

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