11 Reasons To Date A Neat Freak (Because You Definitely Missed A Spot There)

As a neat freak, I can tell you it’s a struggle to share my space with another human being. I’m constantly cleaning up after my partner, not because he doesn’t do it himself, but because he’ll never do it as well as I do (or at least that’s what my obsession with cleanliness has made me believe). By my virtually impossible cleanliness standards, he always looks like a bit of an (endearing) hot mess — when I notice he has a hole in his socks, I can almost feel a panic attack coming on. The takeaway? It isn’t easy to date a neat freak, nor is it easy for us to date you non-neat freaks.

At first, it was a struggle for both of us, but he’s come to realize that I’m just better at certain things than he is, so it’s really best if he stops trying to organize things when I’m not around or fold my laundry when it’s done. If I don’t see crisp fold lines in my jeans, then we have one hell of a problem.

So can someone who isn’t obsessed with detail and cleanliness date a neat freak? Yes. In fact, I like to think that my partner benefits from certain aspects of my neat freak behavior. Here's how.

1. They Organize Everything For You

From their desk to their closet to everything between, neat freaks take organization to a whole other level. You'll go out to pick up a bottle of wine, and when you return, your books will be organized either by color or alphabetically ... which you'd been meaning to do, of course, but just never got around to it.

2. Their Hygiene Is Out Of This World

Neat freaks love showering. In fact, once a day sometimes isn't enough, especially on those hot summer days. They're never without a toothbrush, floss, and probably even mouthwash, too. When you lean in to kiss a neat freak, you'll smell nothing but loveliness, which could be a slight problem for those who are big into body odor.

3. They Tend To Be Healthy

You know, because of all that cleaning and washing. Germs don't even have the time to make a home on their body. This will cut down on the amount of time you're sick next winter, too.

4. Their Apartment Is Always Immaculate ...

The cleanest home you will ever enter in your life is one that belongs to a neat freak. They're obsession with cleaning means even their toilet is so spotless you could actually eat dinner off of it. Not that you'd want to, but nice to know you could.

5. ... And They Probably Won't Let You Clean It

This is just something you need to accept. But the good thing? You get to focus on what you're good at — not cleaning!

6. They Pay Attention To Detail

If something is even slightly off it can lead to total madness for a neat freak. So if the pizza shows up and the pepperoni isn't evenly dispersed, no worries ― they'll fix it.

7. They Love Making Lists And Sticking To Them

Isn't it nice to know that someone you're dating will stick to what they say they're going to do? No one on earth delights in making lists, sticking to them, and then getting to cross things off quite like a neat freak.

If you have plans for them that aren't on the list, then you'll just have to change them to suit your neat freak. Change is what keeps relationships alive — and you're there to help remind them of that.

8. They're Always On Time

It's really hard to be late when someone has their entire month planned out (thanks to a list that they were beyond excited to make). You'll find yourself just naturally stepping it up when it comes to punctuality under their influence. Your boss is going to be in shock by the new you.

9. They Know How To Stick To A Routine

Whether it's a tradition for the holidays or the order in which they go about their routine every morning, neat freaks are drawn to doing everything the exact same way most of the time. It appeals to their need for absolute order and tradition is a good thing. The good thing? That routine probably involves being consistently there for you.

10. They Remember Lots Of Things

Being prone to details and repetition because they need everything to be "just so," neat freaks can usually recall things more easily than others. When something slips your mind, your beloved neat freak is there to remind you. You'll always look on top of your game.

11. Their Appearance Is Always Impeccable

While others may be content to walk around with a hole in their sock or a tiny spot of mustard on their cardigan, that stuff doesn't fly for neat freaks. Not only do they always leave their house immaculate, but they'll look like they're going to meet President Obama. Safety pins, floss, and bleach pens for unfortunate stains are always in their arsenal so you, too, get to benefit. You'll never walk around town with a stain again.

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