Everyone Should Get A Pixie Cut At Least Once

Before my freshman year of college, I decided I wanted to chop all of my hair off. This was a pretty big deal because I went from long, curly locks that went down to my ribs to a pixie cut so short I couldn't even pull any hair over my ears. The back of my head was shaved so short I was practically bald.

And it. Was. Awesome.

The first benefit of the haircut was that I suddenly looked like a new and improved version of me. Short hair brought out all my features and opened up my face so it didn't look like I was hiding behind a large, curly mop; instead, I was ready for the world. I cut it during the summertime, too, so oter advantages I noticed included not having to pull my hair back and dramatically reduced levels of neck sweat (because neck sweat plus long hair is the worst). With my face and neck all aired out, I figured things could only get better as I got more and more comfortable with wearing my short hair... and they did. Check out the following five ways my life got better when I cut my hair — and how yours might, too.

1. You don't have to brush those nasty tangles out anymore.

It's just a fact of the long-haired life that tangles happen. Sometimes they're manageable, and other times they're so horrible you think you're going to have to cut a chunk of your hair out. But the great advantage of pixie cuts is that your hair doesn't get tangled. Like, at all. You'll only ever have to use a comb to shape it, if that, which means your hair won't break, get damaged, or freak out. I'd call that a win.

2. You won't have to buy shampoo and conditioner as frequently.

And when you use it, it'll be so little that you'll barely even notice it.

3. You never have to straighten or curl your hair anymore... just put in some product and in 10 seconds you're ready to go out!

4. Easier neck access for kisses...

Because seriously, who doesn't want that.

5. People will think you're super badass

Because short hair defies all sorts of expectations and ideal beauty standards for women, people will definitely notice and you'll get complimented on it a lot. However, that doesn't mean short hair is less feminine! My pixie cut actually made me feel more feminine at times by bringing out my facial features and helping me look extra cute in a sundress.

If you're considering getting a pixie cut, I can guarantee your life will only get better once you do the deed.

Images: Mehak Anwar; Giphy (5)