7 Drake Lyrics That Are More Adorable Than All The Cat GIFs On The Internet

Face it: We all love Drake. Who can blame us? There are millions of reasons to like Drake! He's sensitive, handsome, and one hell of a musician — in other words, Drake's the kind of rapper you can take home to Mom and make out with in your brother's Jetta once the family goes to bed. His songs bring a new level of sophistication and sensitivity to rap, his beats are freaking awesome, and he has the sort of good looks that makes me giggle and swoon to think about. Plus, Drake writes relatable and adorable lyrics like no other.

Sure, Drake has that whole "street cred" thing he has to uphold, and "adorable" doesn't always mesh with that image. But, beneath the veneer of a hardened male rap artist beats the heart of a romantic mama's boy with a deep respect for women and a desire to be loved.

So much so, in fact, that it's not difficult to sift through his lyrics for emotional, vulnerable, and flat-out adorable moments; the sort of lyrics that make you want to hold him in your arms and whisper that everything's going to be okay! Did I mention his eyes have the sincerity of a poet, and his lips the soft kissability of a baby made of marshmallows?

Let's look at some of the most adorable lyrics from rap's most beautiful and likable artist.

"Next time we talk, I don't wanna just talk, I wanna trust." - “Own It” (From Nothing Was The Same, 2013)


Awwwww, Drake! You can trust me, baby.

“I’m on my Disney shit, Goofy flow/ On records, I’m Captain Hook, and my new car is Rufio” - “Money To Blow” (Birdman feat. Drake and Lil Wayne)


Did you just use an obscure Peter Pan reference to flout your own ego? THAT'S SO CUTE!

“My mom would probably hear that and be mortified/ This ain’t the son that used to take the Acura at 5 a.m. to go and shoot Degrassi up on Morningside” - “Worst Behavior” (From Nothing Was The Same, 2013)


Reminder that Drake is still just a little boy filming a Canadian TV show about the dangers of underage drinking and the importance of acceptance. Is there anything cuter than a handsome hunk of man with a respectful soft spot for his mom?

“And know I pop bottles ’cause I bottle my emotions/ At least I put it out in the open” - “Fear” (From So Far Gone, 2009)


Drake, you big sensitive softie. Don't bottle up your emotions, though!

“What good is all the cash if it doesn’t buy time?/ And what good is being famous if I’m never on your mind?” - “Sooner Than Later” (From So Far Gone, 2009)


It's human to want connection and to long for the touch of another being. Perhaps one day you will feel that way about me, Drake. One day...

“Sweatpants, hair tie, chillin’ with no makeup on/ That’s when you’re the prettiest, I hope that you don’t take it wrong” - “Best I Ever Had” (From So Far Gone, 2009)


While this is a little in the realm of the I-Think-You-Look-Prettier-Without-Makeup compliment that men try to foist on women as though it's the statement they've been waiting to hear from a man, if Drake said these words to me my heart would melt into a million puppies.

“You got your guards up, I do too, there’s things we might discover/ ‘Cause you got a past and I do too, we’re perfect for each other” - “The Real Her” feat. Lil Wayne and Andre 3000 (From Take Care, 2011)


Who are these women that Drake keeps having to beg to love him!? When will he open his beautiful eyes and see that the answer has been right in front of him all along? (Me.)

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