7 Signs You're Obsessed With Drake

by Marenah Dobin

Personally, I cannot help loving Drake. I know I am not alone in this, but I am aware that most people will not openly admit it since many criticize Drake for being a "soft rapper." Still, I feel like almost everyone is a Drake fan — some people are just a little closeted with their affection. On the other end of the spectrum, there are Drake superfans. These are the fans who were overjoyed by Drake's recent surprise album release. These are the fans who go back and analyze social media hints about the release of If You're Reading This It's Too Late . These are the fans who make and buy random Drake merchandise. These are fans who root for Drake to get back together with Rihanna. These fans are completely Drake obsessed.

You might be reading this thinking, "I'm just a casual Drake fan" and that you're not "obsessed." But could you be an obsessive fan without even realizing it? How do you know if you are obsessed with Drake? I can easily diagnose you based on some tell-tale signs and symptoms. Check out these signs that you have a case of ODD: Obsessive Drake Disorder.

You Quote Drake Like It's Your Job

Do you post Drake lyrics as captions for all of your Instagram photos? You know what I mean. That photo you posted of your friends drinking followed by the words "I live for the nights that I can't remember with the people that I won't forget."

Have you ever had a spat with a friend and subtweeted, "F--k a fake friend, where your real friends at?"

Maybe you've posted a "makeup-free selfie" with the caption "Sweatpants, hair tied chillin' with no makeup on."

It's possible that you've actually quoted all of these lyrics and it's just now coming together that you have a case of ODD.

You Have Seen All The Memes

You are familiar with photos of Drake as his Degrassi: The Next Generation's alter ego, Jimmy Brooks, paired with the rapper's lyrics. You've seen plenty of photos of Drake looking all emotional over love gone wrong. You've retweeted Pic Stitches showing Drake wearing sports jerseys for every team on the planet.

If you've gone beyond the casual viewership of a couple memes to a point where you would consider yourself to be well-versed, then I would have to diagnose you as a superfan. You may have even made your own original memes. If that's the case, you just need to throw in the towel and admit that you are obsessed with Drake.

You Know Who His Exes Are

We all know that most of Drake's songs are about his ex-girlfriends, but a Drake superfan knows the names of all these ex-girlfriends. And this is saying a lot since most of these ladies are not even famous — with the exception of Rihanna, of course. You not only know these ladies' names but you know their backstories and which songs are about which woman. Not only that, but you know what individual sets of lyrics allude to. You are that good. You are at a point where you're waiting to be Drake's next ex-girlfriend so you can get your own lyrical shout out.

You've Had An Emotional Response To Drake Lyrics

You have come near tears, or actually cried while listening to a Drake song. You might have even downed a shot during the lines "Yeah, I'm the reason why you always getting faded. Take a shot for me." You identified with the hurt during Drake's verses on "Take Care." You even have a go-to song that you play on repeat when you're going through a breakup. If you've had repeated emotional reactions to Drake songs, I would have to say that you are obsessed with the rapper.

You Defend Drake

Part of being a Drake fan is defending him when haters just call him soft. You go to bat for him as an artist and try to explain that he is just in touch with his emotions and makes all different types of songs with various amounts of depth. You silently gloat with victory when the DJ plays Drake at the club while your hater friend drunkenly sings and dances along. If you find yourself defending Drake like your life depends on it, then it's pretty clear that you are obsessed.

You Make Fun Of Drake

This seems a little contradictory, but real fans also make fun of Drake. They don't "hate" on him. That is very different. But real fans laugh at Drake jokes — well, the ones that are actually funny — and enjoy looking at the memes when they actually include clever plays on words.

You Follow Him On All Forms Of Social Media

Sometimes people can be irritating on social media. I refused to accept a friend request from my own mother, and have hidden some of friends in my newsfeed, but I follow Drake. With celebrities, they have no idea if you are a follower or not, so if you follow Drake on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, then you are really doing whatever you can to stay in the loop and get those Drake updates. You might even take things a step further by following Drake fan and lyrics accounts.

If you do all or most of these things, it's safe to say that you are obsessed with Drake. Don't fight the feeling though. Embrace your emotions and embrace your fandom. And, if you are really having trouble dealing with your newly diagnosed obsession, just listen to some of Drake's music. That usually does the trick in any emotional situation.

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