I Made Beet Lipstick, Just Like Shailene Woodley

by Hayli Goode

Actress Shailene Woodley is no stranger to natural beauty products. So, when Bon Appétit reported that she uses beets for lipstick, I was not surprised. More like intrigued — which lead me to make my own beet lipstick, just like Shailene Woodley. Unfortunately, I didn't turn into a major A-lister actress, but I was pretty happy with the results. I totally understand why she always has the best colors on her lips that I can't match anywhere in stores.

The Divergent star has a pretty strict all-natural lifestyle, which I both envy and find impossible (think oil-pulling and eating clay on the reg). In the same interview with the magazine, Woodley said that while she has her off-days of pizza and french fries, she has to make sure her fries have not been cooked in canola oil. What a sacrifice. When I found out she used beets for lipstick, I figured this was the one Woodley-inspired beauty tip I could actually follow! (I tried oil pulling in college. It didn't end well.)

Woodley told Bon Appétit that she roasts her beets to get a better lipstick. I'm still learning my way around the kitchen and I have no idea what "roasting" means, or if my oven even has that setting, so I found a very simple beet lipstick recipe that was easy to follow from Treasures & Travels, a blog based in Vancouver. The recipe only required beets, olive oil, honey, a blender and a little bit of patience (that last ingredient is my own).

Step 1: Gather Ingredients

Unfortunately, I could not find beet root at my local grocery store. Thankfully, my grandmother had beets she allowed me to borrow. She actually makes her own lipstick out of beets, too!

Step 2: Measure + Blend

The measurement part was easy. But after I blended the mixture together, not only did it smell terrible, it didn't produce a deep, beet red color like I imagined would happen. Instead, it produced an orange-ish color. Well... orange lips are trendy, right?

Step 3: Apply

So, I didn't leave this experiment looking like Woodley, nor did my lips match her lip color for this particular event, but I was still happy with the results. My lips instead had an orange tint to them, and felt so glossy! Thanks to the olive oil, but my lips felt super soft for the rest of the day. And the best part is, you can freeze the stain for one to two months, so it won't go bad. Since this worked out so well, I guess I'll try eating some clay next.

Images: Getty Images (2), Hayli Goode