The 'Empire' Cast Hangs Out Behind-The-Scenes & They Couldn't Be Less Like Their Characters In Real Life — PHOTOS

Anyone who knows me is aware that Empire is my new favorite show on television. It really had me glued to the screen during its first season. The story lines were absolutely insane and chock full of twists and turns, and the characters all have their own unique brand of crazy which means that they definitely know how to bring the drama. But I imagine that the constant drama has to be a bit tiring for the actors. Thank god they know how to keep things light and silly on the set. Check out these behind-the-scenes photos that prove the serious actors know how to have fun.

by Marenah Dobin

Supporting Each Other

Jussie Smollett supports his Empire mama by holding up a magazine with Taraji P. Henson on the cover for some inspiration at the gym. But to keep it real, I feel like the first step to a good work out would be putting your phone down.

Image: jussiesmollett /Instagram

Gabbin Away With Gabourey

Gabourey Sidibe is just the cutest thing. I wish I could hug her. I’m jealous that Jussie Smollett gets to hang with her on the set and I don’t.

Image: jussiesmollett /Instagram

That's So Raven

You know I had to go there with the photo caption. With all of her character’s baby mama drama, it’s nice to see Raven-Symoné just chillaxing for once.

Image: jussiesmollett /Instagram

Family Selfie

It’s hard for me to separate the actors from their on-screen characters. When they’re all hanging out in close quarters taking a selfie, I have no idea how to react.

Image: tarajiphenson /Instagram

Lots Of Love For Courtney

Courtney Love looks so sweet and happy in this embrace from Jussie Smollett. It’s definitely a stark contrast to the trials and tribulations her character has suffered through.

Image: jussiesmollett /Instagram

Super Bowl Chillin'

Sometimes I forget that this isn’t an actual family because I didn’t find it at all weird that coworkers were watching the Super Bowl together. They really all mesh so well together.

Image: jussiesmollett /Instagram

Selfie On The Set

The cast and crew are all smiles in between takes. It is such a departure from the one-liners and death glares on the actual show.

Image: jussiesmollett/Instagram

Fanning Out

Even famous actors get star struck. Taraji P. Henson was more than overjoyed to pose with Empire guest star and musical legend Patti LaBelle.

Image: tarajiphenson/Instagram

Mother/Son Selfie

It’s so weird to see these two smiling together when their on-screen alter egos do not get along at all. Henson seems like one of the coolest people ever, so I don’t blame Bryshere Grey for cracking a smile.

Image: yazzthegreatest/Instagram

Duck Lips Activated

Hakeem and Tiana might not always get along, but their real life counter parts have nothing but love for each other in this up close selfie. Bryshere Grey and Serayah McNeill look like BFFs in this photo.

Image: yazzthegreatest/Instagram

Three Brothers United

On-screen, these three cannot be in the same room without World War III erupting. Off-screen, they seem to get along pretty well, smiling and everything.

Image: yazzthegreatest/Instagram

Photobooth Fun

The boys got silly posing in a series of photo booth shots. This is quite the far cry from their characters getting into physical and verbal fights.

Image: yazzthegreatest/Instagram

Cougar & Cub

I still have no idea what to make of Naomi Campbell and Bryshere Grey’s on-screen interaction, and I just can’t get it out of my head looking at this behind-the-scenes selfie.

Image: yazzthegreatest/Instagram

Kisses For Mama

Grey has nothing but love for his on-screen momma in this candid photo. Ironically, Cookie would kill for Hakeem to be this sweet with her.

Image: yazzthegreatest/Instagram

Getting Silly

These funny faces are far cry from the intense drama these three are used to on-screen. It’s nice to see that they can have some laughs in between the intensity.

Image: kaitlindday/Instagram

Queens Of The Empire

These three ladies from the Empire cast look amazing hanging out together behind-the-scenes.

Image: kaitlindday/Instagram

Three's A Crowd

Jussie Smollett attempts to make a cameo appearance while Kaitlin Doubleday and Grace Gealey pose together.

Image: kaitlindday/Instagram