Is Bradley Cooper Dating Irina Shayk? If So, He Sure Has A Thing For Supermodels

Well, that didn't take too long. According to several reports, Bradley Cooper and Irina Shayk went on a date, which means the two are clearly a couple, right? Not necessarily, but, of course, that isn't stopping the assumptions. Per People, Cooper and Shayk were spotted on Wednesday in New York at the Broadway production of Finding Neverland. As for E! News, the outlet has even more details about Cooper and Shayk's supposed romance.

In addition to seeing Finding Neverland, the two have been "hanging out." According to a source, they were "really enjoying each other's company" while dancing at an undisclosed location. The insider said, "They have a lot of chemistry with each other." Reportedly, the supposed relationship isn't getting too serious, as Cooper and Shayk are "keeping things light" and "just having a great time."

This news comes soon after Cooper and Suki Waterhouse called it quits after about two years together. The same goes for Shayk, who recently split from Cristiano Ronaldo after five years.

Remember, Cooper and Shayk's romance is based on rumors. Will we learn whether the two are just friends or more? Well, I guess that all depends if there are sparks between them and whether they want to address the dating rumors. Until then, I think we can all agree on one thing: Cooper sure has a thing for models.

Images: Getty Images