Too. Apparel Donates As Many Undies As It Sells

Unless you are Alessandra Ambrosio, Adriana Lima, Behati Prinsloo, or Candice Swanepoel, or any past Victoria's Secret Angel, you probably don't think too, too much about underwear beyond shopping at the brand's many mall outposts or selecting intimates for a saucy date night. Well, Too. Apparel thinks about underthings a lot, but not for their sexiness. Too. Apparel donates a pair of underwear for every pair it sells, since undies are an under-donated, yet incredibly necessary article of clothing in the U.S.

Following the increasingly popular buy-one, donate-one model, Too. Apparel aims to meet a need for underwear in homeless shelters. You probably already drop off bags of clothes from last season, that no longer fit, or that still have the tags affixed to the sleeve since you never wore them to your local shelter — but how often are you donating old underwear?

Obviously, most shelters won't even accept previously worn panties, for obvious sanitary and hygiene reasons, so there's a serious shortage compared to the rest of the types of items donated.

So, Too. closes the gap by making the donation for you. It's an easy way to give and so that women in need are granted access to a basic necessity that most of us don't even realize is in short supply in the shelters.


Here's everything you need to know about this amazing initiative.

1. They make pretty basics.

The brand sells four cute, on-trend, and staple styles: hipster, thong, bikini, and brief. I love the little bow detail.

2. They have experts on staff.

The people behind the brand have experience in the world of fashion, as co-founder Sara Goryl is an apparel technical designer who has worked with various women's lines and Under Armour in the past.

3. They're for women, by women.

Too. panties were created for women, by women, and designed for all-day, maximum comfort, with a stretchy and soft cotton fabric and sans a restricting elastic waist band.

Cute and comfy with a conscience. Who knew undies could help change someone's life?

Images: too.apparel/Instagram; Too (3); Getty (1)