Victoria's Secret Bombshells' Day Is Set For May 2

Mark those calendars, bombshells! May 2 is Victoria's Secret International Bombshells' Day. Why is the undies and activewear brand trying to steal the show from Cinco de Mayo by reserving the first Saturday of the month for bombshells?

Well, obviously, it's a marketing ploy. Duh. Fake holidays are a prevelant part of our culture and they are often retail-driven initiatives. You know, like National Relaxation Day, Lipstick Day, Administrative Assistants Week, Nutella Day, Eye Liner Lovers Day, and Longterm Boyfriend Day... OK, I made those last two up, but you get the point. These fake holidays steer people into stores to buy items geared towards that celebration, from spa products to help soothe tension to a gift card for that hard-working, tireless assistant.

And that's actually a good thing, because it forces us to recognize and show gratitude or appreciation for ourselves and others in a variety of ways... since we often don't. So these fake holidays are a generally just a nudge in the right direction.

That said, Vicky's global Bombshells' Day encourages women to celebrate their inner bombshell and to spoil themselves and their fellow females. The brand is offering exclusive and limited promotions via stores and online, like "peel and reveal" prizes.

Plus, Adriana Lima, one of the famous Angels, will also show up at a store that has yet to be announced. So you never know. You might be able to hobknob with a bombshell while bombshellin'.

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However, while I love the idea of celebrating your bombshell status while shopping for VS lingerie, why should we be limited to one day of treating yourself? Here are three reasons why every day should be Bombshells' Day.

1. Body positivity is more prominent than ever.

I know for every body positive Selena Gomez or Demi Lovato selfie, there are 10 negative or critical comments. But, there is no denying that the size acceptance movement is gaining more momentum ever day, especially with all the celebs encouraging young women to love how they look. I wish #BodyPositive was a thing when I was a teenager!

2. Everyone's a bombshell.

LEON NEAL/AFP/Getty Images

If you feel, think, or act like a bombshell, then that's what you are. It's a state of mind, more so than a pair of heels or a sexy bra.

3. But a reminder is always nice.

LEON NEAL/AFP/Getty Images

At the end of the day, Victorias's Secret is a monster brand and it's totally awesome that the marketing team is giving all ladies a reminder that they can celebrate themselves. This event actually unifies women who are buzzing about while feeling good about themselves. I can so co-sign that.

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