Keith Urban Likes 'Sex Texting' With Nicole Kidman, Better Know How to Lock His Phone

Ah, the things people talk about on daytime television. The latest political scandal, how thoroughly Miley Cyrus has or hasn't moved on from Liam Hemsworth, vajazzling, and apparently, Keith Urban told Ellen he sexts Nicole Kidman.

More accurately, the conversation revolved around the ways in which Urban and his wife Nicole Kidman manage romance and family around their careers. Urban's a judge on American Idol, which he manages on top of touring and being married to a glamazon.

It's a little tricky ... I always structure my tours so that I'm never gone for weeks at a time. I'll do three shows in a row. Be home for three or four days, go back and do three or four shows, and that works out good until Idol comes along and fills in those days in between. And that is doable until then a film comes along and that shoots in London. And, we're like, 'OK, we'll figure this out.' So we just make it work.

Sometimes, among all that, things get a little racy, as they do. Urban remarked to Ellen that he and Kidman "never text. We never e-mail. Phone calls only. Which I really love ... Maybe one text. Maybe one cool kind of, you know…that kind of text."

Ellen, being the saucy minx that she is with the innocent smile of an angel, pressed him further. "Nice, sex texting. I'm a little red right now."

It's not exactly groundbreaking news (this is 2013, and these are married people), but it's cute nonetheless. But Kidman and Urban best both password lock/guard their phones extra tight for a little while, lest those leak out.