Meanest Neighbor Ever Picks A Fight With Kids Who Are Trying To Play Outside (No, Seriously, She Is The Worst) — VIDEO

Getting saddled with a bad neighbor is an unfortunate kind of existence, because it's not like in kindergarten, when you can magically walk away from a fight. When it's your neighbor, the fight lives next to you pretty much indefinitely. And no neighborhood understands that struggle more than the one with the crazy neighbor who picked a fight with a group of kids who were just trying to play kick ball outside.

The boys arrived in the cul-de-sac with a ball and a goalie net, at which point the woman marched out and told them to go away and stop playing in her yard. It's clear to anyone who was was watching the video that they were not anywhere near her yard, and playing in the street. She continues to insist that they go away, and then physically drags their net away, steals their ball, and even tries to push them out of the street.

The kids stood their ground at least, and although they weren't always super respectful about it the whole time, my sympathy for this woman is zilch. The exchange goes on for 12 minutes of her berating them to leave, despite the fact that they have every right to be there—and hell, even if they didn't, it's not her place to tell them to go away. The street isn't her property. The whole thing will make your blood boil, but at least these kids had a sense of humor about it.

Here's the video that the kids took documenting the whole bizarre exchange:

S Habedank on YouTube

In celebration of this bonkers woman, here are some other terrible neighbors so she can be in good (bad?) company:

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Justin Bieber

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