Dogs Get Super Square Haircuts And They're Perfect

Dog fashion sure is getting all the way turnt these days. As if dog buns were not enough for insatiable canine fashionistas, now shops in Taiwan are offering geometric dog haircuts that make dogs' heads look perfectly square or round. And they are incredible. These dogs' noggins are shaped into perfect squares (to smartly frame their pleading eyes and trembling pink lips). Cute! Apparently, this style works best on animals with a lot of extra fluff, as that helps allow more freedom in sculpting the look du jour. Who knows the psychological repercussions this may or may not have on the vogue pups. More importantly, who cares? It's extra cute and I'm all for it.

People don't seem to much consider how the dog would react if actual discussion were possible prior to the grooming. I saw a dog in Echo Park once that looked like it endured a solid 45 minutes under a crimping iron—after someone meticulously painted its fur a brilliant macaroni and cheese color. It appeared in a specifically foul mood, and you know what? I respect that. It probably would not have chosen to appear so fully ridiculous, yet there it was: A wavy, bright orange heap of fur tied to a tree on the trafficky sidewalk. I wanted to set it free but since he was a little snappy and also I didn't wanna risk arrest, I resisted. Anyway, this is what's happening in Taiwan right now:

Regardless of some of these head tilts and actual puppy dog eyes, science suggests dogs probably don't experience shame. Although no one is sure. And as a journalism grad with zero professional training or education in veterinarian sciences, I can only explain it as a hunch but I am 100 percent at least that crimped, orange pooch in LA was absolutely embarrassed.

Images: pawpalace/Instagram; Imgur(4)