5 Kids Who've Started Their Own Fashion Brands

The term "kidrepreneurs" (that is, kids who are entrepreneurs) was foreign to me until just last year — and now they're everywhere. On Thursday, The Cut reported on two 10-year-olds, Tess Kramer and Lutéce Olmi, best friends since birth who launched Marbelous, a beaded necklace company, when they were just eight years old. Those are kidrepreneurs.

When they were younger, the girls played with marbles and put them on necklaces for their mothers as a present. After launching their business, an "M" was printed on each piece using vintage printing tools. Additionally, according to Marbelous, a portion of every sale goes to charities, including Heeling Autism and Every Mother Counts. In June 2013, Brooklyn boutique Diane Kane began selling their necklaces and their collection sold out in less than a month. Diane Kane now owns Marbelous, however the line is sold in fashion boutiques around the country and internationally.

Kramer and Olmi started super adorable company built on an amazing foundation but they aren't the only kidreprenuers who have started their own fashion and beauty company. These five children and tweens also saw a need in the fashion and beauty market, and created a business to fill the need. They are also the reason I wonder what exactly I am doing with my life.

1. Tavi Gevinson

Paul Morigi/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

OK, you guys probably know this one. When she was 13, Gevinson founded a fashion and beauty blog named The Style Rookie. Her blog became well-known and she became well-known for being a super young fashionista. Her blog is now "defunct," according to the site — instead, she's now editor-in-chief of Rookie, a website for teenage girls; frequently found on magazine covers; and starred in This is Our Youth at the Cort Theatre on Broadway.

2. Leanna Archer

Archer is the youngest person to ring in the NASDAQ Stock Market opening Bell. At nine years old, Archer launched Leanna's Inc., a natural hair product line, using her great grandmother's secret recipe. She is also a motivational speaker, making appearances at Black Enterprise’s Teenpreneur’s Conference and spoke at the 2009 NAACP Youth Workshop.

3. K8

Kate "K8" Lohr loved flip-flops so much, she wanted to wear them in the winter. In order to keep her feet warm while wearing them, K8 begged her mom to cut the toe part off her socks. At eight years old, K8 launched Freetoes. Her toeless socks now let girls all over the country wear flip flops in the winter. Also, she goes by K8 officially, so you know she's a BA.

4. Moziah "Mo" Bridges

If you spotted Mo walking down the street, you'd probably just assume he was a kidrepreneur anyway. In 2011, when he was nine years old, Bridges launched Mo's Bows in Memphis, Tennessee. According to Bridges, he saw a need for colorful, fun bowties and decided to use his grandmother's scrap fabric to solve the problem. He began selling bows and, according to, now runs a $150,000 business.

Images: Getty Images; Courtesy Brands