Drake Lyrics Are A Gold Mine For Millennial Issues, From Using Uber To Living At His Momma's House

Drake, as we know, is quite an outspoken Millennial. The 28-year-old rapper is not shy about sharing personal stories about his life, from his unrequited crush on Nicki Minaj to his beefs with fellow rappers and performers. See, like most Millennials, Drake is very in touch with his feelings . And since he has a bigger platform than most of us, he's able to spread the word about his feelings faster than the average 18 to 29-year-old. In other words, he is the perfect artist to talk about Millennial problems.

Of course, Drake definitely addresses some universal issues in his songs. Developing feelings for others and engaging in fights with people in the same industry as you are basically tales as old as time. But it cannot be denied that he puts a very Millennial spin on things. Think about all of his references to social media, new taxi services, and self(ie) obsession. Though these are obviously not the most hard-hitting issues of our time, all of his references are very timely and culturally relevant, and they are undoubtedly on a lot of Millennials' minds. Can you really think of a better rapper to draw our attention to Millennial issues? I can't (and I say this as a Millennial).

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"Jungle," If You're Reading This, It's Too Late

F--k what they talkin' about on your timeline That's cuttin' all into my time with you

Ugh. Playing witness to emotional meltdowns, non-constructive criticism, or someone else flirting with your crush in real time on Twitter or Facebook is actually the worst. Drake knows the struggle.

"Energy," If You're Reading This, It's Too Late

'Bout to call your a-- a Uber, I got somewhere to be

Because hailing a cab is so two years ago. Your move.

"You & The 6," If You're Reading This, It's Too Late

Rokell Rain on YouTube
Having conversations with mama, man, my life is a messAin't been returning the texts, so she been reading the pressShe got Google Alerts, them s--ts go straight to her phone

Even when you're not as famous as Drake, you're totally guilty of ignoring or blowing off Mom's texts at least once. (Don't lie.) And let's face it, Mom is still probably checking Google Alerts to make sure your name doesn't pop up if you are up to no good. Text her back.

"Started From The Bottom," Nothing Was The Same

DrakeVEVO on YouTube
Living at my momma's house, we'd argue every month

It's no secret that many Millennials move back in to live with their parents. Considering they are not kids anymore, but not quite full grown adults, there's no question that there must be some tension in the house.

"Pound Cake," Nothing Was The Same

They should put a couple more mirrors in hereSo I can stare at myselfThese are usually just some thoughts that I would share with myselfBut I thought "Fuck it"It's worth to share 'em with someone else

Much has been written about Millennial narcissism, and it's safe to say that Drake falls into that category. But hey, props for being honest and sharing that right? We Millennials are all about think pieces, after all.

"Tuscan Leather," Nothing Was The Same

Pablo Mojica on YouTube
All of the talkin', got one reply for all of your commentsFuck what you think, I'm too busy, that's why you leave a message

Any millennial knows they should never read the comment section—on anything—but we all slip up sometimes. Luckily, Drake had a comeback for the naysayers at the ready.

"Poetic Justice," Good Kid, M.a.a.D City (Kendrick Lamar album)

YmcmbAlbums2012 on YouTube
I really hope you play this, 'cause ol' girl you test my patienceWith all these seductive photographs and all these one off vacations

Nothing worse than FOMO after looking at photos of someone's amazing vacation. Especially if said person on vacation is someone you actually like.

"The Motto," Take Care

DrakeVEVO on YouTube
Now she want a photo, you already know though

After all, pics or it didn't happen. Right?

"Headlines," Take Care

DrakeVEVO on YouTube
I might be too strung out on compliments, overdosed on confidenceStarted not to give a f--k and stopped fearing the consequence

Overall, let's face it, we millennials are guilty of being a little too dependent on approval from others (likes, favorites, double taps, anyone?). Sometimes it can be all for good fun. But as Drake points out here, too much approval can lead to forgetting about the important things in life. Drake is just one millennial of many. But his musings are some good food for thought, if nothing else.