Who's The Better Wino: Cersei or Olivia?

There are many talents that can be found among today's leading ladies of television. Characters such as Game of Thrones ' Cersei Lannister and Scandal 's Olivia Pope, for example, have proven to have more backbone than all of Westeros and Washington D.C. combined. But aside from their high levels of badassery and independent nature, there is one more thing that these women have in common that can't and shouldn't be overlooked. Both Cersei and Olivia share an undeniable love for wine. Red wine, to be exact. They may not see eye to eye on political views or even have the same taste in men, but boy can they appreciate the value of a good glass (or two, or ten) of wine.

But given their stubbornness and competitive nature for winning, this naturally got me thinking about who is the better wine drinker of the two? (It is, after all, sort of like an art form that both ladies have excelled at.) However, as with most things in life, only one person can come out on top, especially in regards to such a prestigious title. So given that I'm an impartial third party, who equally loves both of these characters beyond words, I've taken it upon myself to determine who possesses the better wine game in this dynamic duo. (Also, if you're not drunk while reading this, then you're clearly doing it wrong. Please take this time to grab yourself an alcoholic beverage of some kind. We'll wait.)

Let the drinking begin!

Eye-Catching Glassware: Advantage Olivia

I mean, that's some impressive stemware right there. No doubt about it.

Boozy Backtalk: Advantage Cersei

Liv may use wine as a way of relaxing after a hard day, but Cersei prefers to treat it as a weapon in her already loaded arsenal. All who fall under her scrutiny while intoxicated (which is almost always) will face the amazingness of her wrath.

Portion Control: Advantage Olivia

In that there is no portion control. Not that Cersei really limits herself either, but just the way Liv acknowledges the right to her own bottle (shown above) is a commendable sight to behold. Way to take what's owed to you, girl!

Superb Sip-To-Side-Eye Ratio: Advantage Cersei

Handing out so much sass would make anyone thirsty. This lady legit DNGAF and I love it.

Fun Factor: Advantage Olivia

Cersei's great for the whole resting bitchface approach, but if you're looking for just a plain, old-fashioned good time that may even result in a spontaneous dance party, then Ms. Pope deserves the keys to the kingdom. This is Liv's world and we're all just lucky enough to be living in it.

On Fleek Facial Expressions: Advantage Cersei

Cersei doesn't need words to let us know what she's thinking. Her tipsy facial expressions pretty much say it all and in the most glorious way possible.

Snack Selection: Advantage Olivia

Drinking and snacking pretty much go hand-in-hand, and popcorn is the perfect choice for a great nighttime combo.

More Bang For Your Buck: Advantage Cersei

Olivia may have great taste in wine, but that comes with a hefty price. My budget simply couldn't handle such high standards. (That is, unless I opted to not pay rent that month or ever again.) So if getting a decent buzz going is the ultimate goal, I think, in this particular case, I'd prefer quantity over quality.

Camaraderie: Advantage Cersei

I know you wouldn't expect it, but between her sage advice and words of wisdom, she makes for a truly fascinating drinking companion. Just make sure to never get on her bad side.

So there you have it, folks! It was a close race, but in the end Cersei makes for the ultimate wine drinking buddy. It's like the saying goes: "When you play the Game of Thrones, you win or you drink." Or, you know, something like that. Cheers!

Images: Rosanne Salvatore/Bustle; Macall B. Polay/HBO; Nicole Wilder/ABC; Giphy (2); bricesander/Tumblr; queencerxei/Tumblr (5); scandalrehab/Tumblr