11 Websites That Offer Free Shipping All The Time

You were really searching for another reason to shop online, right? How about a list of websites with free shipping? And not just if you spend a bajillion bucks or if you pay a yearly fee — free shipping all the time. Yeah. You're welcome. On this list, you'll finally see an excuse to shop at stores you thought you couldn't afford from the comfort of your very own bed.

When it comes to online shopping, I've had a love/hate history with the practice. I love that I can do it without leaving the house, but I never can actually tell if the clothes I buy will actually fit well. Then I have to go through the whole process of shipping them back. It doesn't take ALL of the hassle out things (though most online returns come with a little form to stick on the box so you don't have to buy postage), but knowing that the shipping won't cost me definitely helps.

As you're going crazy updating your summer wardrobe, these sites are a great place to start. They're ridiculously trendy, relatively affordable, and, of course, always offer free shipping. Thank goodness for never having to make human contact in a real live store ever again.

1. Madewell

Whenever I walk into a Madewell or visit their online store, I feel like they've been reading my mind. They have every piece of clothing I have ever dreamed about. Now I'm tempted to spend drop even more dollars there because they offer free shipping on all orders, no minimum required. Adios, paycheck.

2. Zappos

It's like an Amazon, but only for clothes and accessories. And everything you buy online offers free shipping.

3. Forward by Elyse Walker

In order to provide "first class customer service" for their "elusive roster of designers designers" Forward by Elyse Walker offers free shipping on all products, no questions asked.

4. Shopbop

I'm convinced Shopbop is literally the coolest shopping site on the Internet. Not only can you customize what you shop, find reviews, and keep a wish list, but everything you end up buying on Shopbop has free shipping.

5. Kate Spade

Someone better hold me back because not only are all Kate Spade products a must-have (literally, I must have everything in her store) but when you order online, you get free shipping and free returns in all 50 states. The struggle to not online shop right now is real.

6. L.L. Bean

L.L. Bean is your one stop shop for all of your adventure needs. And because adventures should be spontaneous, so should online shopping (logical, right?), so everything you buy on their e-commerce site includes free shipping. Try not to get carried away.

7. Lucky Brand

Finding the right jeans is hard enough, so shipping them to your house shouldn't add insult to injury. Everything you shop on Lucky Brands can be shipped for free to your home.

8. Revolve

As if you didn't think their delivery services to Coachella wasn't amazing enough, it turns out all shipping and deliveries are free at Revolve. This store is quickly becoming my favorite online shopping site.

9. Ugg

Thank goodness our love for Uggs will never die. Regardless if you're shopping their spring, summer, or famous winter lines, all online orders on Ugg shoes offer free shipping.

10. Nordstrom

The best place to get affordable, designer-quality pieces also offers free shipping online. Maybe life is fair.

11. BaubleBar

The online jewelry store is not only drool-worthy, but each piece can be shipped directly to you for free.

Images: Shopbop; Courtesy Brands