Eva Mendes Named The New Face Of Estee Lauder

If you're afraid of the idea of aging, here's a bit of news that'll make you feel better: Estee Lauder named Eva Mendes the new face of their latest campaign. Yes, she's 41. Yes, she just had a baby. Yes, Mendes makes growing older look incredible.

The new mom is known for aging flawlessly, so it's no surprise that the beauty mogul named her their new leading lady. Mendes will represent the New Dimension collection — with products like the Expert Liquid Tape, Shape + Fill Expert Serum, and contouring compacts for the eyes and face. Now that she has little Esmeralda, it seems like she'll actually be able to use some of these products. "I'm always desperate for products that help me look not as tired," Mendes said. Which, honestly, aren't we all?

Mendes posted a sneak peek of the campaign on her Instagram, with a caption that read: "Thrilled to be working with @esteelauder representing the New Dimension Skincare! Here's a look at me behind the scenes while the photographer tries to find my #BestAngle. Looking forward to sharing more with you guys! xx." In the photo, Mendes looks absolutely stunning in a simple makeup look, laying across a table. Flawless.

All of this coming after Mendes launched Circa, her own makeup line, taking her name from the marquee to the beauty counter. Between all of this, and the fact that she currently holds Ryan Gosling's heart, I'm starting to think 41 is the new 22.