'The Originals' Finally Shares The Witchy Story Of Davina

Last week's episode of The Originals can be summed up in one sentence: witches tried to kill Hayley and Davina is a teen witch with teen feelings. She can boil anyone's blood with her mind. Even Klaus's blood! Davina is the fiercest teen witch. This week, we dig into the vampire/witch rivalry that drives this fictional version of New Orleans. Get comfy. The backstory is a doozy.

Marcel and Davina reveal to Klaus and Elijah, respectively, why Davina lives in the shabby chic church attic. Oh right, Elijah is back in the picture. That happened. I was under the impression Davina was born a mega witch who can boil anyone's blood with her mind. Not so. Davina was once a normal teen witch who became a mega witch after some crappy witchy crap went down.

When Davina was a normal teen witch, her mom was like, "hey darling, the coven has to sacrifice you and three other teen witches for The Harvest, is that cool?" And Davina was like, "sus. Very sus." Her mom told her that the sacrifice was only temporary and that everything would work out. They'd be back to teen witchin' in no time! Davina was like, "hmm, okay. I feel honored, but why?" Her mom explained that The Harvest helps keep their witchy powers a-flowin', so Davina and the other teens would be doing a civic duty of sorts. "Think of it like voting! Or jury duty," her mom didn't say. "Mom," Davina never replied. "I'm a teen. I could care less about jury duty or voting. I'm too busy crushin' on a certain violinist." Regardless, Davina agreed to The Harvest.

Sophie, however, hates The Harvest. Jane-Anne's daughter (and Sophie's niece) was another one of the teens picked for the sacrifice. Sophie wanted to put a stop to The Harvest so she asked MARCEL for help. Wait, WHAT?! Marcel and Sophie used to get all hot and heavy. Ugh, can't blame her.

Marcel wanted to prevent The Harvest because a) he can't handle the thought of the witches powerin' up, and b) he doesn't endorse the slaughtering of children. Okay, Marcel. I hear you on that second point. Totally fair.

Three of the teens were sacrificed before Marcel could stop The Harvest. The lone survivor: Davina. To keep The Harvest from reaching 100%, Marcel knows he has to make sure Davina stays not-dead. He's inspired to set up Chez Davina in the church; he can keep her safe AND stop the witches from leveling up! Fun fact: Davina acquired the powers of the three sacrificed teen witches. Now she has more witchy skills than she can handle. Fun fact number two: if the witches sacrifice Davina, the other three witches will come back to life.

In a flashback, Jane-Anne tells Sophie that the ritual must be completed to bring back her niece. Sophie now wants nothing more than to kill Davina. She may hate The Harvest, but she loves her family more. And Elijah explains that Jane-Anne and Sophie brought the Mikaelsons to New Orleans under false, Davina-related pretenses. Oh no, Sophie. I almost trusted you this whole time.

Elijah tells Davina that he'll teach her how to control her tricks. Davina says her number one goal in life is to kill off all of the witches, and she doesn't understand how he can forgive Klaus for being a jerk of a brother. Elijah says that he has "given up on giving up," which is SUCH an Elijah thing to say.

And that is the tale of Davina! I can't support the Elijah/Davina alliance enough.

Image: Tina Rowden/The CW